Sunday, May 3, 2015

Let the Fun Begin!

We kicked wedding weekend off in style!  I picked up the Bride on Wednesday and we met Mom and Dad in Birmingham for dinner and some family time.  That night Mrs. Jan came up to the room to put together the Welcome Baskets since some guests would start arriving the next day!
 Welcome basket assembly line
Thursday was a great, relaxing day.  We spent the afternoon getting last minute errands done and sat down to pamper ourselves.  We had to get those nails done!  That night, as guests started arriving to town, we all met for a yummy dinner at Jim 'N Nicks.
Getting our nails done
Dinner chaos
Friday really got things kicked in high gear!  We started the day with the Bridesmaids Luncheon.  Belinda hosted the wonderful event at Galley & Garden and the food was amazing!  It was a perfect way to begin celebrating Carrie for the weekend.
 Belinda decorated our room at the restaurant so pretty!
 The Bride and her Bridesmaids (and a flower girl)
 Me and Carrie
 The ladies of the family
 Mom, Carrie and Me
 RoRo and Morgan
Belinda surprised Morgan and Emma Kate with bridesmaids dresses for Sara and Kara.  She had them made from the extra fabric from Emma Kate's dress so they matched perfectly!
Later that night we all gathered at the church to begin the Rehearsal.  The church was just beautiful!  And the minister was great.  With no shenanigans we got through quickly!
 Practice Practice Practice!
 Those beautiful bridesmaids
Macie hanging out with Belinda and Lauren
Finally it was ready to eat!  We all drove from the church to the Rehearsal Dinner at the Southern Museum of Flight.  Bobby chose the location for his love of planes and aviation.  It was perfect!  We all got to check out the planes on display before dinner.  The little kids (and many of the big kids) loved climbing in and out of some of the planes!  Dinner was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the evening.  After many toasts (this is one loved couple), it was back to the hotel to get ready for the big day!
 Everything looked amazing!  Mrs. Jan really did a wonderful job!
 Our happy couple
 Family picture.  Thanks RoRo for the girls beautiful dresses!
 The groom and his boys
 Erin, Carrie, Sarah and Me
 My sweet girls loved exploring
 Another set of sweet sisters: Aunt Sue and Grandma
 Daddy photo bombing the girls in the plane
 Morgan and Emma Kate
 Welcoming everyone
 Giving thanks
 Mom and Dad- happy parents of the Bride!
 Who loved the food the most?  That would be Macie.  She ate it all!
Toasting the couple

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bride Takes NOLA

Well well well.  When your sister tells you she's going to get married you first think about the wedding and then immediately think about the bachelorette party!  So we decided to go to New Orleans!  It just begs you to have a good time, right?
After a week of super cold weather- and snow!- Carrie and I headed south to meet the girls.  We surprised Carrie by staying at the Roosevelt and loved that amazing hotel!  It was beautiful!  Friday we had a yummy dinner and then hit Bourbon Street to see what we could find.  And we found Pat O's!  Now, what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA so all you need to know is that we found the piano bar and had a blast!
The next day we all had to sleep in to help get ourselves right and had lunch at Mother's.  After that we walked around the Quarter and just enjoyed people watching with a little day drinking of course!  We all headed back to the hotel to freshen up and then give Carrie a fun lingerie shower!  More food and more drinking and dancing rounded out our evening.  And then we topped it off with some Cafe du Monde of course!
It was a fun weekend celebrating Carrie and we can't wait to continue the fun in Birmingham!
Our first night out... early in the night
Hurricanes were had by all!
Of course at Jackson Square
The Evans family was in town and stopped by to say hello!  What a great treat!
Me and my Bachelorette
Lots of fun stuff
Ready to hit the town
A little dancing...
...a little silliness...
...and a whole lot of fun!
Beignets for everyone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Elsa Came to Town

This winter has been crazy.  We have had many threats of snow and ice but it never came to pass.  So when they said that we were going to get up to 6" of snow one afternoon, and they canceled school ahead of time, I still didn't believe it.  And then it came!  Big, fat, sticky flakes started falling from the sky.  Within minutes it was a snow storm and Morgan couldn't wait to get out in it!  Macie was napping so Morgan wanted to get dressed up as her favorite snow queen in honor of the occasion.
I couldn't keep Morgan out of the snow!  She loved everything about it: eating it, throwing it, making snow angels and most of all sledding.  When Jeff came home early from work we got in another round of dry clothes and found a hill.  Luckily some friends were there with a real sled!  We had to pull her away kicking and screaming!
And Macie?  Well she hated it.  Hated every second to be outside.  And screamed when we put her down!  Poor thing didn't know what she was missing.  Thankfully Sissy was here so she stayed home with her GaGa while Jeff and I got to play with Morgan. 
It was the perfect snow.  It came down hard and fast and we ended up with almost 8" in one afternoon!  This does not happen in Mississippi!  And there was no ice.  So by the next day things were starting to melt and the roads were clear.  (Which was great because I had a Bachelorette trip to get to!)  We had an afternoon full of fun and memories.  Ones you usually have to travel a long time to make! 
The next week we got a round of ice and sleet.  Not nearly as fun as our snow!  With all these snow days off of school and this bad weather, we are ready for spring!
 Queen Elsa
 Absolute amazement
 Fun with GaGa
 Morgan: Pure joy
 Macie: Not so much
 Morgan's snow angels
 Family pic
 "Give me a big push Daddy!"
 Morgan and Kendall went down together too
 Day two of snow and Morgan still can't convince Macie that this stuff is fun
Bless her!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heart Day

This year Macie got to get in on the Valentine's Day action and Morgan was ready to show her how it's done!  Morgan got both of their Valentine's happies together to take to school.  This year Susannah and I did the class party for Morgan and we loved putting together a party for our girls!  The rest of the holiday weekend was spent just enjoying our time and love as a family while Sissy was in town.  What a great few days full of love!
 Getting her treats together
 Treats for our school friends!
 Party time!
 Party time!
My favorite part of the party was watching the girls pass out their Valentine's to everyone.  They were all just so excited for this part!