Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#1... For Real!

 I still don't believe this is real life.  My beloved Bulldogs are #1 in the nation!  I have loved the Dawgs ever since my first football game my senior year in high school.  Dad and I came down for my school visit and we timed it so we could see State play Kentucky that Thursday night before my visit.  That game happened to make the Dawgs 8-0 on the season and everyone was going nuts!  I thought this was normal.  Until I realized that year was the exception to the rule.  But it was too late.  I loved them already and was hooked.  I truly believe that my 32 years as a Cubs fan has prepared me to be a State fan.  But you can't help who you love, right?

Now my Dawgs are putting the pieces together and it is magic!  On Saturday we planned a Stock the Bar shower for Carrie and Bobby.  Then the Dawgs decided to be good.  No, not good.  They are perfect!  So we moved the shower on campus so everyone could enjoy the party AND witness the craziness!  ESPN Gameday was there!  I got to see my favorite Kirk Herbstreit and watch Lee Corso pick us to win.  Amazing!  Shortly after we all met to party.

And then came the game.  #2 Auburn vs #3 State.  And we won!  This huge win shot us up to #1 and I can't handle this!  Even the rain that came right before half time couldn't dampen our spirits.  It is a great time to be a Bulldog and we couldn't be more proud of those boys on the field.  What a perfect weekend!!
 As close as I could get to Gameday
 Our happy couple ready to party
 Our Murray group!
 Just a side note: Nothing makes me happier than to see this sweet family at each game.  Now that Kathryn and James finally got season tickets I get to see them and their precious boys on campus.  And I love it!!
 Me and Jeff
 Ready to cheer on our Dawgs!
 Mom and I got out of the rain.  Dad and Jeff did not.  They got just a little wet!
 Bulldogs win!
Happy fans in a state of shock!

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Last weekend was fantastic.  A dream, really.  And it all began on Friday night when Carrie and Bobby had their engagement party in Columbus.  It was perfect!  The Starr family was gracious enough to host the party with many family friends helping as well.  Everyone was able to come to town and I know that Carrie and Bobby were thrilled.  The girls came to party as well and Morgan was so excited to be there!  And we were incredibly thankful that Sissy met us there to take the girls home when they were done.  We all got to have some fun!  It was the perfect beginning to the weekend!
 The happy couple
 Family picture!
 Carrie and Me
 Morgan and Mommy
 The Starr's are big time hunters and had many animals around the house.  Morgan thought this was so cool!!
We even got to visit with Michelle and Garett!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pumpkin Patch...Take 2!

On Sunday we rounded out a perfect weekend with a trip to see Aunt Carrie.  The girls and I made a trip to her pumpkin patch and had such fun!  After lunch with Aunt Carrie and (soon-to-be Uncle) Bobby we made our way to the patch.  Milking "cows", jumping on a large pillow, hayrides and pumpkins made our fun.  It was great!  On the way home I had two very tired girls!
 They look.  But they don't smile.
  Mommy and Macie
 Macie and Aunt Carrie
Morgan and her fun!
 Playing with the hay
 On our hay ride

My girls love their Aunt Carrie!


Last weekend was one for the record books... the Dawgs won.  Not just won.  But beat the #6 Texas A&M badly, moved to #3 in the polls and secured ESPN Gameday for our next game!  This is crazy and just simply does not happen in our part of the world.  Who knows when this dream will end, but we are enjoying it while it is here!
We spent Saturday in Starkville in a picture perfect fall day.  Bright sunshine, a cool breeze, a Bulldog victory and an afternoon with my Chi Omega sisters.  Can't ask for much more!  After the game we met the girls (minus Stacey) to tour the new addition to our Chi O house and it was beautiful.  Next Saturday has a big job ahead of it if it wants to beat this day!
 So proud of our Bulldogs!
 Christina, Me, Anna and Holly at the house
 Meredith, Morgan, Macie and Helena sitting on the steps.  Can't wait to take this picture again in a few years!
 My girls.  My house.
Sweet Macie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Morgan's class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch!  She had been looking forward to it all week and was ready for some fun.  As always, we had a great time... even the rain couldn't slow us down too much!  We ate lunch a little early while the downpour came.  But the girls were ready to play in the mud when the sun came back out.  And so we found our first pumpkins of the season!
 Morgan and Mary Tannler ready to go!
 The corn is always one of her favorites
 Playing in the rain
 Just a swinging
 So excited to ride to find her pumpkin
 Here it is!
 4 year old preschool class
 Train ride
 Big slide!
We love the pumpkin patch!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Princess Fun

Morgan and Mary Tannler are the sweetest of friends!  I love that Morgan has found such a great friend in her and they have so much fun together.  Last weekend I took the girls to the Princesses and Pirates show when it came to town.  It was great watching those two sing and dance in their seats!  After dinner with Amanda and the boys, Morgan and I completed a great afternoon of fun! 
Sweet friends
Ready for the show to start!

Sisters at Play

Growing up I always would imagine my family and I always pictured two girls.  Maybe it's because that is a reflection of the family I grew up with, but maybe God knew just what I needed.  And now that my family is complete with two little girls it just seems perfect.  I know I have many sisterly fights ahead of me (trust me, I remember those between Carrie and me!) but those sweet moments between sisters are priceless.  Morgan is incredibly sweet with Macie and in return Macie simply adores her big sister!  I love watching them play and it melts my heart to see the smiles and hear the laughter.  I look forward to keeping that a part of our life forever!
 Morgan loves to help with Macie!
 Macie doesn't like the food to be gone
 My two Minnie Mouses...holding two Minnie Mouses!
Blowing sweet kisses