Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Vacation

Last week we took our annual trip to the beach to spend the 4th.  And as usual we had a blast!  With a week full of amazing weather we spent a ton of time outside at the pool and the beach.  We ate such yummy food all week and even squeezed in a date night!  After watching the fireworks over the bay on the 4th, we drove to Jackson to visit with everyone at the Kraft Family Reunion.  We filled each and every day with fun and it was a great trip!
Carrie read Morgan a special book and asked her to be her flower girl.  Morgan is beyond excited!! 
 Macie is so happy at the beach too
 Mom and Dad's house sits on the 14th hole of their golf course.  Morgan loves to bring them drinks when they come through.  Here she is waiting on them...
 ...and they let her finish the round with them.  She felt so big!
 Climbing trees with Packe
 One night Dad made ribs and I gave Macie a bone as a joke.  She LOVED it and wouldn't let me take it away!
 Macie loves the big mirror in RoRo and Packe's room
 Look!  Macie got a pony!
 Macie was not in a good mood when we went to the beach.  So Mom took her back to Grandma's house and that left Morgan, Jeff and me to play.  Morgan got really brave on this trip and even swam to the sandbar with us!
 "RoRo!  Come get me!"
 The beautiful view from our dinner on date night
 Round and round on the carousel
 One night we went to Pensacola to see the Wahoos play baseball.  Minor league games are so fun and we had a great time!
 GG's visor?  Check.  Sticker?  Check.  Cotton candy?  Check.  She's ready!
 Macie loved the game too!
 Family pic as we were leaving
 Macie and GG
 These three sillies eating at the Shrimp Basket
 My firecracker babies
 Mom stayed home with Macie so Morgan got us all to herself to watch the fireworks.
 She was ready with her glowing jewelry
 Perfect way to end the 4th
 Morgan loves making pancakes with her RoRo
 Morgan and Ellie swimming at the reunion
She is getting braver!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tea Party

On Friday Morgan met some of her sweet friends from school for a tea party.  She was so excited and the girls had a blast!  Now Morgan would drink actual tea so she chose chocolate milk in her tea cup...of course.  She ordered pb&j, fruit and a chocolate tart for lunch.  These girls were precious and it was fun watching them be "big kids".  Next year their teachers are going to have their hands full! 
 Enjoying their tea: Carsyn, Morgan, Tatum, Anne Bailey, Lilly and Reese
 So excited!
 Big girl and her real cup...which of course she broke and had to have another one!
 Carsyn, Lilly and Morgan
Lilly knew just how to keep Macie happy with some patty-cake!

A Month of Summer Fun

I am not sure where June has gone!  We have been busy busy and had tons of fun!  I love these lazy summer days filling them with whatever we want.  Morgan has been going to Summer Fun Days at church and Macie is growing and changing every day!
We started the month with Morgan's first trip to Vacation Bible School at our church and she had a ball!  She would get in the car each afternoon and talk non-stop all the way home telling me what they did that day.  She got to sing the songs they learned at church the following Sunday which we all know she loved.  Getting up on a stage and singing?  Yep, right up my girl's alley!
This year I shared my birthday with Father's Day so Sam and Sissy came to celebrate with us!  It was a great weekend and I was able to relax a bit too.  Sissy also got some great time with the girls before her final surgery the next week.  We are so excited that everything has gone well for her and she is well on her way to being done and better! 
We also got another pool pass this summer and my two girls love splashing around! 

 Swinging at the Schafer's house
 This girl loves to move!
 Yep, Morgan = Carsyn and Presley
 And she loves it too!
I came home from work one day and it was quiet.  This is what I found.  How many sleeping babies can you count?  I see three!
Singing at church.  That's my girl front and center!
 Happy days at the pool!
Mary Tannler got to invite Morgan to her brother's birthday party.  The girls had a blast swimming around and eating chocolate cake.  Happy Birthday Will!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

She Said Yes...Again!

Last weekend we met Carrie in Columbus to begin dress shopping... and she found it!  It was the perfect day.  We went to the Bride and Groom in Columbus and they were just wonderful.  Of course, Carrie looked amazing in every dress she tried on, but we all knew when she walked out in "the one".  Mom started crying and that was it!  It was made for her and I can't wait to see her on the big day! 
 Jana, Mrs. Jan, Carrie, Mom and Me
This was the sign out front coming in and they changed it when we left!

Birthday Party Fun

We got to go to Memphis to celebrate Meredith's 3rd birthday!  Stacey and I packed up the big girls in the car and headed for a day of fun.  We were so excited to be there and it was a perfect day for a party!  I'm not sure who had more fun playing, the little girls or us big girls!  After partying down at the playground we ate lunch and got a quick trip to Target in (of course).  It was a great day! 
 Ella Claire, Morgan, Meredith and Claudia
 Meredith and Morgan playing the bells
 Morgan and Claudia found a roly poly
 Make a wish Meredith!
 Sweet friends
 Telling secrets
Time to go home!

Moving and Shaking

Our sweet Macie is on the move!  After weeks of thinking she was going to take off crawling at any minute, she finally did!  At 8 months she put it all together and scooted herself across the room.  And the next day she started trying to pull up on things. Slow down little one!  We didn't realize she could pull up until one morning she was screaming in her room.  Now Macie normally wakes up babbling to herself and is content in her crib and smiling when she sees us.  The screaming was not right.  When I got to her she was flat on her back on the floor!  After my heart started beating again and I did a quick check to make sure nothing was broken, we calmed each other down.  She was fine and I was still shaking!  Needless to say Jeff lowered that crib all the way down before nap time! 
Macie has such a curious spirit.  Morgan would never have thought that she could get out of her crib!  She is constantly checking things out and watching.  I can see the wheels turning in her head all the time!  I'm ready for time to slow down because my little baby is growing up way too fast!  Before we know it she will be walking... all the way to college!
 And she's off!
 Trouble.  That's what this is.
Macie loves Morgan's too!