Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break Shenanigans

This year for Spring Break the girls and I took our annual trip to Mom and Dad's, only this year Stephanie and her kiddos met us there!  We had an absolute blast!  I think it took a total of five minutes before all four kids were running around as the best of friends.  Watching the kids of your best friends play is a joy I will never get tired from.  The weather was so cold!  I hated that we couldn't enjoy the sand more, but we found our fun anyway.  Honestly I could have spent all day inside with Stephanie catching up and would have been just fine!  But we got the kids out of the house a bit to get the wiggles out!

Later in the week Jeff joined us for the last of our trip.  He got some golf in and some yummy food so he was happy.  And my sweet Daddy gave me his ticket so I could go with Mom to see Luke Bryan!  I swear, Mom and I have the best time at concerts!  And Luke did not disappoint either.  We ended our trip with a perfect day on the beach.  Another great time at the beach!
 Who enjoyed the s'mores more?  Clayton, Macie, Morgan or Brennan?
 A little park time was in order
 Brennan, Morgan and Macie
 What fools wanted ice cream on this cold day?
 This was the best pose I could get in the chilly wind
 Such a cold day on the beach!  We didn't last long.
 Might be my new favorite
 Clayton and Brennan
 These two were fast friends
 We even found our Tupelo friends for dinner!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 Luke Bryan fun
Beach time!

Monday, March 27, 2017

February Fun

The rest of February ended with a bit of fun and a first!  
 Macie had her first dentist appointment and did great!
 We cheered on our lady Bulldogs with a sell out crowd!
 Macie and her best friend Kate while their big sisters were at dance
Macie loving school

Throw Me Something Mister!

What a weekend!  Truly one for the books.  You know when things just kinda come together and it works out perfectly?  That was this weekend.  When we realized both big kids had a long weekend we asked Mom and Dad if we could take over their house for the weekend.  Thankfully they were all for it!  

We got to town early on Friday and let the kids play while Dad grilled dinner for us.  Saturday we took the kids to the train museum in Foley and then we all drove to Fairhope for the Mardi Gras Parade!  Oh my goodness this was so much fun!  We got there early to grab a good spot and the kids were ready.  The loot we brought home was unreal.  Mom even caught a squeaky chicken!  Haha!  The parade came to an end, but not one person left.  Apparently it was going to come around again!  But thankfully the kids were happy to be done so we left quickly before the traffic.  It really was so much fun.

Sunday was a perfect and beautiful day so we headed to the beach.  I think we could have stayed there all day!  You know how you have friends that are more like family?  The Evans family is the perfect example of that.  Our kids played so hard and so well all weekend long.  And we didn't make too much of a mess at Mom and Dad's house!  Ha!  I think we may have established a President's Day tradition.
Fun with the trains
Ready for the parade
Happy Mardi Gras!
GG even came to the parade too.  She's always up for a good time!
Family pic
RoRo and the kiddos
"Throw me something Mister!"
Us with GG and RoRo
The Evans and Leddy crew
Beach day!
She loves the beach now too... finally!
Parker and Spencer had a blast
Who needs a swimsuit?
My parents who had just as much fun as we did!
Me and my girls
Me and Kathryn
Mom, Kathryn, Me and Grandma
The crew at dinner!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Love Love Love

 Happy Valentine's Day
 Morgan's Class Party
Macie's Class Party

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We Can't Stay Away from Starkville

This year we decided to take our Chi O Christmas on the road!  In stead of going to each other's homes we all spent the weekend in Starkville!  It was a great lazy weekend catching up, shopping and eating way too much.  These girls are good for my soul!  I'm so thankful we all make this weekend a priority every year.  And it was the first time in a long time that none of us were pregnant!  Ha!

The next weekend I made it back to Starkville.  We took the girls to a women's basketball game and had the best time!  Never would I thought I would see the day when Jeff Leddy was excited to watch women's basketball.  But our team is ranked #4 and is awesome!  And it's always a good day to beat Ole Miss!
 Spending time on campus
 Dinner yumminess
 A pic with the Egg Bowl trophy
Go Dawgs!

New Year in Foley

We have begun a tradition that I love so very much.  After Christmas Jeff is able to take off the last week of the year so we all head to Mom and Dad's house.  It is the perfect week of relaxation and let's us reset ourselves for the beginning of a new year.  We usually have no plan and end up with our toes in the sand at some point.  And as usual Mom and Dad spoil all of us rotten which is awesome!
 Happy girls
 So beautiful
 Push harder girls!
 Oh how she loves her GG
 Til we meet again beach
 Fireworks on New Year's Eve
 Last family pic of the year
And a Radke New Year's day to complete the trip!