Monday, August 17, 2015

Beach Time with the Worley Girls

Our last beach trip for the summer is always taken with the Worley girls.  And as always it did not disappoint!  We left Tupelo after the girls got out of school and piled in our car.  I'm thankful we upgraded to the SUV now that we have a backseat full of girls!  We made it to Foley in time for dinner and let the girls get their wiggles out before bed.

Happy girls with RoRo
Thursday was spent getting back to normal. We all slept in (except for Morgan who loves to get up early with her RoRo) and were lazy for most of the day. The big girls spent the afternoon at the pool while Macie napped and I stayed with her- in the quiet. A win for all! We did finally get it together and had dinner at Flippers. Yummy food, feeding the fish and a walk by the pier. Perfect night!
 Crafty glasses with Bubba
 RoRo and her girls at Flippers
 Morgan and RoRo
 Checking out the fish
 My heart is so full
 Emma Kate and Belinda
 Emma Kate and Morgan walking the shore
 The girls!
 Morgan so happy
 Bubba and Macie
Friday was such a treat for me.  Mom and Belinda kept up with the girls and I went shopping.  By myself.  All by myself.  What!?!  And Dad made it home! Saturday was another laid back gem.  We spent the day at the pool and then had dinner at GG's house.  
 Swim lessons with RoRo...
 ... and with GG!
 Swim time!
 Movies in the locker room
 Golf cart rides with Packe
 God's beauty
Sunday we finally- FINALLY- made it to the beach!  There were bad jellyfish all weekend and it cleared just in time for us to leave.  The weather was perfection and I could have stayed there all day.  But after lunch at The Gulf we packed the car and hit the road.  After a long ride home, where Macie didn't sleep one second, we made it to Tupelo at midnight.  Whew!  Another great trip for the books!

 Beach time! (Notice Macie's ponytail)
 Emma Kate, Bubba and Morgan
 Pakce and Macie
 This picture is the perfect example of our beach days at the summer: Morgan in the sand, Macie in someone's lap!
 Packe, Me and Morgan
 Macie stole my hat and sunglasses.  And then posed.
 Beach fun!
 An actual pic of just us two!
 Mom, Belinda, Grandma and Me with drinks
 Mommy and her girls
 Emma Kate and Belinda
 "Safety First" has been Emma Kate's motto for years!  And we found a sign just for her!
Thank you RoRo and Packe for another great trip!

Floating in Florence

One beautiful Sunday afternoon we spent the day in Florence with Carrie and Bobby.  It was such an amazing day!  The weather was perfection and we all had a blast.  We were able to see the Newlywed's new home all put together.  The last time we saw the house they hadn't made an offer yet so it was fun to see what they had done to make it home.  It is precious!  And it's the perfect place to start their life together.
After a quick bite of lunch we headed to the river.  Morgan was thrilled to ride on Uncle Bobby's boat!  And Macie really liked it too!  My favorite is when Bobby would slow down to talk to us and point out places on the river.  Macie would tell him, "Go!" She was ready to ride!  We swam, road and even got to meet some of their new friends.  After dinner we put the girls in the jammers and drove home.  I'm so thankful we live so close for days like this!
 Ready to ride
 All Morgan wanted to do was swim
 Aunt Carrie and Morgan
 Daddy and Macie
 Look out Uncle Bobby... Macie is taking the wheel!
 A boat full of happy girls
After dinner at Champy's

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Days, Drifitng Away

As we are in the final weeks of our summer, we have been enjoying every last second.  It has been hot hot HOT so we have spent so much time in GaGa and Pop's pool!  Thankfully we have great neighbor friends who have kept us company too!  These little kiddos have been such fish swimming all day and only stopping for food.  It has been great big fun!
 Pool time
 Leddys, Shafers and Abrahams (minus Kathryn)
 Macie LOVES sweet baby Kathryn
 Our big girls: Carsyn, Kendall and Morgan
 Dinner time
 Patrick giving kisses to Macie
 My girls chilling by the pool
 This summer Jeff took the training wheels off of Morgan's bike.  So far no crashes, but we are still working on Daddy letting go!
 Big girl
 Macie's turn!
 Sweet girl wants to be just like big sister
 Oh how I love this girl!
 Can't handle this hot mess!
 Popsicles after school in the park
 Packe met us for lunch one day as he was driving through town.  And he brought gifts!
 Morgan, Tatum and Carsyn at VBS at the Orchard
 School supply shopping for Kindergarten!
Many fun birthday parties this week and Alice's cheerleader party was one of our favs