Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Tour of Tupelo

Morgan's last field trip in Kindergarten was to tour downtown Tupelo.  It was great for her to see our city... and for me too!  Haha!  To be a tourist in our own town.
 First stop: Tupelo Hardware.  The kids got to see where Elvis bought his first guitar and they bought a postcard.
 Sweet class
 Three little Elvis fans
 Next stop: Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau
 Pit Stop: Fairpark to eat lunch and play a bit
 Next stop: City Hall.  Mayor Jason Shelton took them on a tour and explained to them how the whole staff runs the city.
 Morgan called her city council meeting to order!
 Way up on the balcony!
 Last stop: Rosie's.  Mrs. Holly showed the kids the kitchen and how all the treats were made.  Then they got to pick one out for themselves!
Good bye Kindergarten!

Singing for Summer

Morgan has started wrapping up her school year and all the activities that come with it.  First up was her end of the year program with choir.  She loves Mrs. Beverly and singing with her.  Later that week her school had their spring program too.  Tons of singing!  She did great this year!  We love our church and all that it gives to my girls.
 Singing in the sanctuary
 Good bye to another choir year
 "ABC's and 123's!"
 Morgan's last FUMC school program
Mary Tannler was there too and these girls were so happy!
 On her last day of choir the kids sang at Traceway Retirement Home
We love Mrs. Beverly!

Rainbows and... Science?

Morgan had to choose a science project to present to her class.  We decided on making a Rainbow in a Jar.  She was so excited!  We practiced at home and she even made a chart.  She was ready!  She did very good explaining how some liquids are more dense than others so they would "sit" on top of others.  She needed very little help from me!  Oh how we love this sweet kindergarten class!
 Explaining her project
 Pouring in liquids
 All her class watching
All done!

A Super Fun Day

Another great Super Bulldog Weekend is in the books!  It was very chilly but at least no rain!  We spent the day walking around the arts festival, watching some baseball with a record setting crowd and visiting with our family.  We couldn't ask for more!
The girls were ready to go in their new dresses from RoRo!
Packe and the girls
Aunt Carrie and the girls
RoRo and Macie
Morgan found Bully at the game!  Macie wouldn't take a picture, but now she talks about wanting to!  Better luck next time Macie!
One of my happy places on this earth

Silly Times with Silly Girls

We have a very busy life filled with fun times on the go.  But more often than not I forget to look at the small details of everyday life.  Thankfully sometimes I will snap a picture to catch a moment in time that reminds me of this.  Over the past few weeks we have had some fun!
 We met Aunt Carrie half way and the girls were thrilled!
 And then she came to our house for a day of playing.  Tea parties were on the to-do list. Pinkies up ladies!
Happy rainbows!
After church prettiness
Love her so

End of the Season

Morgan had a blast playing soccer this year!  I must admit I was skeptical of the whole thing.  But Jeff really wanted to share one of his favorite games with her and she loved it.  It was their thing and Jeff ended up helping Coach Richard most games.  She had such a sweet little team.  They won some, they lost some, but they always had fun!
 Kicking off
 Morgan played her last game against Marley and Tatum
 GaGa and Pop came too!
Go Team!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

One Sunday night we were given the chance to cross a major item off of Jeff's bucket list.  Our friend, Taxi, called about 9:00 to tell Jeff he had two free tickets for us to Tuesday's practice round of the Masters.  We just had to figure out how to get there!  Thankfully we were able to make it work.  Jeff called his Mom to see if she could keep the girls and I got online to see if there was any hotel room available in the area.  Then we realized we wouldn't be able to leave Monday night until after Morgan's soccer game!  But we were totally in!

It's so funny how it all worked out.  Bobby was able to buy tickets for Tuesday's round and so they gave one of them to Dad for Christmas.  So they were going to be there too!  They had their trip planned for months and we took minutes.  But it was so cool to experience this together.

Jeff and I got to our hotel room outside of Atlanta in the wee hours of the morning.  We literally just took a nap and then got up to drive the rest of the way into Augusta.  We met Taxi's dad to get the tickets and we were in!

I can't even put into words how amazing this day was.  Yes, this was an item on Jeff's list, but by the end of the day I didn't even realize that it should have been on mine too all along!  When I talk about this trip I find myself gushing.  The course was beautiful perfection.  I swear they cut the grass with a pair of scissors!  Since there were no cell phones allowed (and this was a very strict rule- we saw people get kicked out for it!) we made a plan to meet up with Carrie, Bobby, Dad and Jordan.  Jeff and I walked some of the course before our time to meet them and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We found them and spent the rest of the day together!

A few things I will always remember:
1. The beauty- The green grass, the colors of the azaleas, and the perfection of the weather.
2. The manners- This astounded me!  You could bring in your special golf chair and put it someplace on the course.  You could then walk away and nobody would take your seat.  Seriously.  Nobody!  The honor system was amazing!
3. The prices- The food prices were crazy cheap.  And the food was crazy good too!
4.The faces- Not from the famous golfers (although that was cool), but the ones from Dad and Jeff.  They were like kids on Christmas morning!

We then got in the car and drove all the way back on Tuesday night.  A long, long time in the car with a short amount of sleep.  And I would do it again tomorrow!
 Watching the sun and the moon rise at the same time on our way into Augusta
 Our tickets!
 Jordan, Bobby, Carrie, me, Jeff and Dad standing in front of the leader board
 Me and Jeff at hole 16
 Me, Dad and Carrie at the 18th fairway
 Carrie took this picture of the 18th hole when they put their seats down first thing in the morning.  It could be a postcard!
 Where Phil famously hit his shot between these two trees a few years ago
 Putting green
 Some of our favorites
 The food!
 My sweet Daddy- so happy
One of my favorite memories was watching the players try to skip balls over the water on the 16th.  The practice round was so laid back and the guys all had fun.