Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend with the Worley Girls

Belinda and Emma Kate made another trip to see us!  The girls have so much fun playing that they couldn't stay away.  We got up Saturday and went to the park.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy the Autism Walk on World Autism Awareness Day!  We are so thankful to have Emma Kate in our life.  She truly shines and makes everything better and full of fun!  It was great to get to celebrate this special day with her and Belinda.  After spending the whole morning playing, we took Morgan and Emma Kate to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet.  It was beautifully done and they loved it!  Another fun-filled weekend with our besties!
 Crazy girls at the park
 We couldn't keep these girls out of the bouncy house
 Sweet friends
 With our favorite ballerinas after the show
 After church shenanigans
On Sunday we decided to take a quick trip to Starkville to enjoy the baseball game on a beautiful day!

Another One Bites the Dust

Morgan finally lost her next tooth!  She has been tough to get these things out.  She lets them wiggle and wiggle until they are hanging by a thread.  But she is too scared to let us pull them!  We have to finally make her let us take it.  There are tears involved, of course.  But we get the job done!
 She's so proud when it's out
She wanted to keep this one

Friday, April 29, 2016

Easter Fun!

This Easter was another wonderful celebration.  Mom, Dad and Grandma came to Tupelo to spend the holiday with us.  We missed Carrie and Bobby!  We spent Saturday doing a little shopping while the boys played golf.  Later that night brought egg dying with Packe!  I'm enjoying this tradition because the egg dye ends up on Packe's shoes and not mine.  Haha!

Sunday morning the girls woke up to see that the Easter Bunny had made a stop at our house!  After a little egg hunting and picture taking we made our way to church for my favorite service of the year.  I love celebrating our risen Savior!  And I love getting to celebrate with family.  A great weekend!
Egg dying time
Morgan left the Easter Bunny a note and a prize inside the egg: "Dear Easter Bunny, we left a Easter egg that has a piece of candy."
Easter basket goodies
Checking out their baskets
My little bunnies
Love these sweet girls in their RoRo dresses.  I love these girls in blue!
Packe, RoRo and the girls
Family pic
All the girls- just missing Carrie!
GaGa and the girls

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Breaking at the Beach

When spring break came around the girls and I made our way to RoRo and Packe's house for some quality time at the beach!  We were sad to leave Jeff at home, but I'm sure he enjoyed his peace and quiet!  Haha!  It was such a great and relaxing week.  We did have a lot of rain, but we were able to squeeze in some time in the sand.  And Macie even got in on the sand action this time!  At the end of our trip I was able to head to New Orleans for Sarah Anne's wedding.  It was beautiful and we married our last little sister off in style!  I'm so thankful for parents who put up with us for so long!
 Playing in the puddles
 Beach time!
 Macie's usual spot in the chair...
 ... Morgan's usual spot in the sand.
 And then Macie moved!  GG asked her if she wanted to go look for shells and she jumped up at the chance!  There is hope that she will be a beach lover too!
 Walking in the sand with GG
 Packe even joined us for lunch!
 This sweet girl
 More fun on the beach
 Happy as a clam
 Mom had fun outfits for the girls to wear on St. Patrick's Day
 Dinner at Flippers
 Dinner with the girls
 My crew
While I was away, RoRo and Packe took the girls to family day at the YMCA
They went to the zoo too!  I don't think I was missed at all!

Fun in Birmingham

The next weekend we packed up and headed to Birmingham to spend the weekend with the Evans crew.  It was oh so much fun!  Spencer had his first t-ball game so we got to cheer him on!  After lunch, we took the kids to the zoo and everyone had a ball.  The weather was amazing and we spent every second outside.  The guys grilled out Saturday night so we were able to let the kids run and play in the yard.  They didn't stop until the got into bed.  The next day we headed to the park to play some more!  Our weekend was filled laughter, a few tears, great friends and tons of fun.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends who are more like family!
Spencer and Parker at the game
 After lunch - and Macie's meltdown!
Sweet baby
 Riding the train
 The joy of the carousel
 Feeding the ducks
When we got home we changed Macie's bed to the toddler bed.  Where is my baby going?

Worley Visit

The Worley girls came to Tupelo for a visit!  We were so excited because we hadn't seen them for awhile.  We had big fun just letting the girls play and these were the only pictures I actually took!  Goodness!  We must have just had too much fun to slow down!
 Belinda brought the pie in the face game!
 Macie joined in on the fun too

Monday, February 22, 2016

100 Days Smarter

One of my favorite project of Morgan's kindergarten year was last week.  They celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten in grand style!  First they were told to make a project of 100 things.  Morgan found some flower buttons at Hobby Lobby and decided to make a garden.  It turned out so cute and she was really proud!  Then they had to dress up like they were 100 years old.  It was hilarious!  Morgan, who is always up for an excuse to wear a costume, was really excited.  RoRo brought many items from my Grandma to see what Morgan wanted.  She chose a hat, gloves and earrings from her great great grandmother, a shirt, skirt and purse from her great grandmother, and glasses, shawl and cane from her other great grandmother.  So fun!
 Working hard
 The finished product!
 Ready to celebrate
 Morgan with Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Kathy
 Love Love LOVE this class!
Morgan also had Perky from her class come home to complete another project that week!