Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas morning arrived and Morgan was ready!  She woke up the whole house and got GaGa and Pop to get up too.  Once they arrived the opening of presents began.  Morgan tore into hers like it was a race.  Macie took all day!  Those girls are so different sometimes.  We had a ball just watching those girls enjoy it all.  

When everything was opened, Jeff and I packed the car while the girls played.  Then we headed south!  After driving through huge storms and stopping twice for Macie to get sick we finally made it to my parent's house in time for dinner.  After dinner there were more presents!  The day was long but filled with so much love and happiness.
 Santa came!
 Waiting on GaGa and Pop to open gifts is hard
 Morgan enjoying her new vanity
 "Look what we got GaGa!"
 Macie liked her new chair
 A barbie camper for Morgan!
 Santa brought pancakes for Macie's kitchen
 Anna dresses!
The one picture I took when we got to Foley. Notice Macie in one sock.  This was the only piece of clothing that was not thrown up on during the trip to their house.  And the rest of her clothes were packed so deep in the trunk we couldn't get to them!  Didn't slow her down when she opened her presents though!

Christmas Eve

I say this every year but Christmas Eve is my favorite part of the whole holiday season.  Yes, Christmas morning is exciting.  But the calmness that Christmas Eve brings to my soul is so needed after the rush of the previous weeks.  Jeff, Morgan and I went to church while GaGa and Pop stayed home with Macie.  Poor sweet girl was sick!  A double ear infection to help us celebrate was not fun.
 She loves the candles when we sing "Silent Night" as much as I do
 My sweet sick baby
 Ready for Santa to get here!
 Sister kisses
 Sister laughter
Sister love

My favorite...

One of my favorite things this season was the bath salts that Belinda sent.  There were six in the box and with each bath we dissolved them to find a piece to the nativity.  After they were all gone we had a full set!  It was so fun to pick out which one we were doing that night and watch the water turn colors.  Emma Kate had a set too so we each did the same color at the same time.  It was fun!
 We picked the pink one first... of course
 The blue one gave us Joseph!
 Macie with the donkey
Morgan with the donkey
Macie played with the whole set for weeks!

Gingerbread Party

As we started celebrating the season, Morgan said she wanted to have a party.  I told her she just had a birthday party!  But she said, "No Momma, a CHRISTMAS party!"  That girl sure does love to have a party- I can't imagine where she gets that from!  So we decided to have a Gingerbread Party where everyone could decorate a house.  Sam and Sissy graciously let us use their house again.  (I think Sam gets the biggest laugh watching these girls run around squealing.  Not what he is used to at all!) On our last day of school everyone came over for decorating and dinner.  I made all the houses before they arrived so the girls got to decorating once they arrived.  It was a mess!  But the girls had a blast.  After some dinner and playing everyone went home.  Morgan said it was perfect!  And that is enough for me.
 Sweet sweet friends
Ready to party
 Hard at work
Some serious decorating
 The masterpieces
 Dinner time!
She's been eating just a little red icing

Lauren and Sam's Wedding

Jeff and I had a rare weekend away during the holidays.  We were able to go to Jackson for Lauren and Sam's wedding!  We had a blast celebrating our friends and spending such great time with everyone.  And all without kiddos!  The weather was unseasonably warm so we were able to really enjoy being outside.  It was great to be with everyone and made me miss them all even more!
 Pre-wedding selfie
 Table of friends
 Love these girls- Kristin, Me, Lauren and Paige
 The boys- Freddie, Jeff and Mitch

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas season finally arrived and Morgan and I were ready to spread the spirit!  We had fun decorating and celebrating our way through the month.  Macie started enjoying things this year too.  It was so special to see the joy through their eyes.  We kept super busy and loved every second!
On our way to see Santa
 Morgan is a pro with Santa.  Macie needs some work.
 Loved our RoRo Christmas dresses this year!
 Big girl
 One of the few pictures of Macie this holiday season.  She was NOT in the mood to smile for Mom very often.  It made getting Christmas Card pictures impossible!
Elfie and Twinkle came back again too!
 It was super cold for our Christmas parade!  We loved watching with the Thomas girls!
 GaGa and Macie at the parade
 "Hey Santa!"
 Cold Family Parade Pic
 GaGa and I took Morgan to see the Nutcracker again.  It has become one of our favorite traditions!
 Mommy, Morgan and the Nutcracker
Morgan loved watching Miss Caroline as the Snow Queen!
 Class parties were in full swing too.  This one was a gingerbread cookie party.
 I think there was more icing than cookie!
 Morgan's finished product
 Morgan's class did a book swap for their Christmas Party
 Morgan loved her book!
 Morgan also had her Choir Christmas Program
 GaGa and Pop came to watch!
Her choir also sang at one of our local nursing homes- Morgan is so tall!