Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heart Day

This year Macie got to get in on the Valentine's Day action and Morgan was ready to show her how it's done!  Morgan got both of their Valentine's happies together to take to school.  This year Susannah and I did the class party for Morgan and we loved putting together a party for our girls!  The rest of the holiday weekend was spent just enjoying our time and love as a family while Sissy was in town.  What a great few days full of love!
 Getting her treats together
 Treats for our school friends!
 Party time!
 Party time!
My favorite part of the party was watching the girls pass out their Valentine's to everyone.  They were all just so excited for this part! 

Everyday Love

These past few weeks have been filled with the same things: cold weather and lots of germs!  I tell you what, I am totally over this weather and am ready to get out of the house.  I feel like all we are doing is sharing our germs back and forth.  Thankfully, we have had no major illnesses.  But we have had enough colds, coughs, ear infections and stomach bugs to last me the rest of the year!  Hurry up spring!
PS- A huge shout out to Sissy who was with us during most of this yuckiness.  In no way could I have made it through all of this mess without her.  Thank you!!!
 Taking advantage of the "heat wave" one weekend
Sweet sister love

Hakuna Matata

We had a huge first for Morgan this past week.  We took her to her first play... The Lion King!  Sissy got us tickets a long time ago and we were thrilled to take her.  There was no question that she would love it.  Morgan first loves all things Disney.  But even more she loves a production.  Music, dancing and costumes are her thing!  Sissy gave her ticket to Jeff so we got to take our big girl out on the town.  We left early for Memphis and got there in time for dinner at Rendezvous.  Then walked through the Peabody to the Orpheum for the show.  Our seats were so close you could almost touch the actors.
I'm not sure who loved it more- Morgan or Jeff!  Lucky me, this is my second time to see the show.  But my other two friends were here for the first time.  This show is truly amazing and they both loved every second.  Morgan didn't know where to look first!  She sat on the edge of her seat the whole time and even sang along.  Since the show was so late, we had to get some caffeine in her during intermission!  After the show Morgan even got to look down in the orchestra pit and see the musicians and the instruments.
This was one moment that I will never forget with my girl.  And I hope she will always remember it too!
 Ready to go!
 She was just so excited
 Selfie time with Mommy
Family pic after the show

My Old Kentucky Home

We finally had a wonderful excuse to go home to Murray... to celebrate Carrie!  And yes, I know that I don't have any family here anymore, but it will always be my home.  Carrie and Mom's friends hosted a lovely shower for Carrie with a "My Old Kentucky Home" theme.  It was perfect and a great opportunity to see all of our Murray family.  Our morning was filled with yummy food, sweet gifts and tons of hugs!
After the shower we made our way to 701 Elm Street.  Now don't worry.  We are not those creepy people who move and then just show up at their old house every time they come back to town.  Well, we are.  But we were invited!  A lovely couple has made our home perfect for them.  They have worked on it for a year now and it was amazing!  And for all their hard work, I was just touched to see that they love our house as much as we did.  I know it will take good care of them and give them as many wonderful memories as it has given us.
One thing that was a little weird was coming to Murray and staying in a hotel.  But one person who didn't mind was Morgan.  I think she swam in that pool three or four times during our short stay!
We also got to put the cherry on top of a great day with a Racer basketball game.  We even got to cheer them on to a win!  Another thing that was a little weird was being in that arena for a game but not hearing my Dad's voice through the speakers.  But still a good time.  We even got to celebrate at the Apple!  (Jeff totally earned some bonus points for getting the girls to sleep in the room while I got to have fun with my parents, Carrie and Bobby!)
After church and lunch at Los we headed back south.  Once again, Murray took great care of us!
 The sweetest part of the shower: Logan made the art piece and Danielle painted it!
 Carrie and her lovely hostesses
 The great Kentucky touches
 The bride and her gifts
 Emma Kate, Megan, Macie and Morgan
 Our favorite Murray women
 Grandma Roberts, Carrie and Grandma
 Macie and Packe head to the game
 "Hail!  Hail!  The gang's all here!"
Morgan even took a shot after the game

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Fun

Last weekend was lazy perfection.  For the first time in a really long time, it was just the four of us with no where to go and no where to be!  Friday kicked off our weekend with a Mary Tannler coming to play with Morgan.  These sweet friends.  They played all day!  Saturday was a family day that brought some warm, dry weather.  We finally were able to get outside!  We've all been a little stir crazy with this cold wetness we've been having.  After church on Sunday, all three of my family members fell asleep at the same time.  It was a miracle!  Do you want to know how much I accomplished in those two hours?  It was a great weekend!
Morgan and Mary Tannler
I also had a little laundry helper that day!
Which is just what her big sister did one day too!  Haha!!
Sweet sisters before church
Big girl
Little one

Laid Back Ladies

The very next weekend I hopped back into the car to meet my Chi Omega sisters is Jackson!  I am so thankful that we do this every year.  It is always a much-needed soul refresher.  This year we broke in Anna's beautiful new home!  We never do much of anything and this is exactly how I prefer it.  All I want to do is spend time with them and catch up on our crazy and wonderful lives.  We were sad Stacey couldn't make it this year!  Thankfully Sissy came to Tupelo so I didn't feel as bad to leave the girls at home with her and Jeff.  It allowed me to just be.  What a great weekend!
Holly, Me, Anna and Christina (we missed you Stacey!)

Jackson and Foley and Miami... Oh My!

Per usual we packed up the car and hit the road right after Christmas!  Thankfully, Morgan was back to normal so our first stop was Jackson.  We got to visit with Pop and bring him his presents.  Morgan loved Pop's bed and spent the whole time pushing the buttons to move it up and down!
Gaga, Macie, Morgan and Pop
After lunch we got back in the car and continued south to Foley.  Once we got there we had more presents and more food!  It was big fun and a great end to a long day.  The next day Rob, Marie and Erin came to visit!  Don't feel bad that Sara missed it- she was in France!  We spent the next few days getting to spend time with family we don't see often enough.  It was wonderful!  In fact, we had so much fun I really slacked on taking pictures.  Oops!
Bless Erin's heart.  She had two little shadows during her whole trip!
Hands down the best gift of Christmas was the snowball fight GG gave to Morgan.  The big kids had just as much fun as Morgan!
On Monday, Jeff and I headed out on our own adventure.  It was just the two of us, our car and the road to Miami!  Mom and Dad kept the girls and that gave me and Jeff four whole days alone!  Jeff and I both love a road trip so we made a pit stop in Orlando.  We were able to spend a whole day at Universal Studios and had a blast!  We were like little kids running around through Harry Potter World and everything else.  Even in the rain!  It was so much fun.  But eventually I had one too many 3-D rides and needed to lie down.  So I walked back to the hotel and Jeff finished some extra rides.  It really was so fun.
Harry Potter World!
Taking Hogwarts Express
Of course we had some Butterbeer
$10 poncho to stay (kinda) dry? Yep!
The next day we got dressed in our maroon and drove the rest of the way to Miami to cheer on our Dawgs!  Apparently we didn't cheer loud enough and we lost.  Badly.  But we were there at the Orange Bowl and had fun anyway!  Even when we rang in the New Year standing outside the stadium after the game.  We just pretended that the celebration fireworks for Georgia Tech were meant for us!

Ready to see our Dawgs!
Hail State!
We totally forgot our cowbells.  Thankfully Kathryn let us take hers!
Little Big Town was the halftime entertainment and I sang right along
These smiles are a bit forced at the end of the game
Worried the girls would be bored while we were having fun?  Fat chance!
 Two happy girls (and two happy parents) when we finally got home!