Monday, June 15, 2015

Missouri Fun

The girls and I loaded up to spend a long weekend in Dexter with the Worleys.  After Morgan's first experience on a boat with Ben last year, she has been dying to get back on the water.  And do has Ben!  He even bought a new boat this year so we can all fit!  And we are so thankful he did.  We had a blast!  It was the perfect weekend full of fun and friends.  I love how happy my girls are at their house.  It makes this Momma happy too!
 A pit stop for lunch with Ashley!  Old friends do a soul good!
(Not that the friend is old, just the friendship!  Oh, you know what I mean!)
 Our girls had so much fun together.  They even ended up playing under the table most of the time!  Silly girls!
 Picnic by the pool when we got there
 Happy girls
 Thank goodness they still had the baby swing so all three girls could swing!  Otherwise we may have had a fight!
 Smores are always a good ending to the day... and a good reward for this Momma in the car for 4 hours with two kiddos.
 Dress up time!
 Doing a little shopping... Macie likes the sparkles!
 Water balloon fun with the crazy cousins
 Only at Bubba's can you paint yourself in the front yard!
 The finished "masterpieces"
 We took dinner to the boat to let Macie get her first ride
 Ben turned on the boat and this was Macie's face!  Priceless!  Don't worry, she warmed up just fine.
This one, on the other hand, was thrilled!
 Me with the girls 
 Bubbles on the boat at sunset
The next day was picture perfect.  After all the rain we have had over the past weeks we were all praying for sunshine on Saturday.  And the Lord delivered!  It was a beautiful day and we all dad a blast.  We stayed the whole day on the water and everyone had tons of fun!
 Sweet friends
 That smile was on her face all day
 Selfie on the boat!
 Praise the Lord for Megan!  She loved on my girls all weekend they couldn't get enough of her.
 Momma and her (unsure) boating baby
 Morgan and her Bubba
 I was so proud of Morgan.  She let Ben pull her in the tube!  Morgan is very timid when it comes to stuff like this, but when Megan said she would ride with her she was in!  She even laughed through the bumps!
 She was proud of herself too
 We also took some time to swim and cool off
 Three happy girls
 That night Emma Kate and Morgan decorated "cars" for Macie
The sign of a true friend: when your baby wakes up hours earlier than she should, she takes her for a walk and sends you back to bed so you can get enough sleep for the ride home.  Ben came too and it was like old times for them with Emma... and Bob (the stroller)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Girl Fun

Last weekend was such fun.  Morgan and I went to Bowling Green, KY to celebrate Maddie and Zach at their wedding!  Maddie was a junior bridesmaid in my wedding so there was no way I was going to miss this one!  I gave Morgan the choice to come and she jumped at the chance.  It was a great weekend and I loved getting to see my sweet Maddie so happy.
We got to Bowling Green Friday and had dinner with Mom and Susan.  Morgan got to swim at the hotel and stay with the big girls!  Saturday we helped to feed the bride and her maids and then did some decorating at the church as well.  Such fun! 
The wedding was perfect.  The ceremony was touching and sweet.  Goodness my Mom cried more here than at Carrie's and my weddings combined!  Maddie looked beautiful!  We danced all night and went back to the hotel happy.  We love you Maddie!
 Me, Morgan and our bride
 Reception fun
 Hugging on RoRo
 A moment about these four women: they are who has shaped me into the person I am today.  Each one has taught me and loved me.  I love them each like they are my Momma and I was so happy to spend such great time with them all together!
 Morgan got to take home a bag of candy... thanks Dr. Dowdy!
 Morgan danced....
 and danced!
After lunch on Sunday in downtown Nashville to top off the weekend!

Happy at Last

With such a busy spring getting Carrie married, we haven't yet been to the beach.  Morgan would ask me almost everyday, "Mom, when can we go to the beach?"  That kid loves the beach as much as I do!  Fortunatly we have still seen my parents through all the festivities, but we both needed to put our toes in the sand.  So once school was done the girls and I headed south for a few days!  Dad was out of town so it really was a girls trip.  As always, Morgan loved the beach.  This time Macie was not so sure.  She was happy to be there but would NOT let her toes hit the sand and screamed if you tried!  We have got to work on that this summer.  We spent our days on the sand or at GG's pool.  It was a wonderful trip for all!
 First day on the sand...
 ...and this is what it looked like: Morgan playing and Macie in the chair!
 Yep, always in the chair
After a night of walking on the golf course the girls had green feet!
 Baking with RoRo
 Late afternoon beach time
 Love them so big!

Flipping and Flopping!

Another sign of a school year coming to a close is Morgan's gymnastics recital!  This is her third year and she loves her time at Flip Flop with Mrs. Misty.  Halfway through the year she was moved up to the next class.  Watching her learn these new things is so fun! 
 Ready to go
 She's getting better!
 Sweet class with Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Misty
Morgan LOVES Mrs. Misty!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Day

Happy Mother's Day!  Words cannot express how much I love being a Mom to these two girls.  Lord knows everyday isn't easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.  In my prayers each night I thank the Lord for placing these girls in my arms! 

Dancing Queen

This year Morgan started dance.  To say that she loved it was an understatement!  I called North Mississippi Dance Center last summer and said I had a little girl who loved to twirl.  Creative Movement with Mrs. Roxie and Miss Madison was the class for her! 
The year ended with their dance recital and the girls danced to the theme song from "Brave" just like little princesses.  Morgan really did great!  I didn't know what to expect, but she practiced and did well.  I was so proud of her.  She loved everything about the recital: the pink costume with gold sparkles, the makeup, the lights and especially the flowers! 
 Ready for pictures the weekend before the recital
 Morgan's sweet class waiting on pictures
 Precious girls
 All smiles
 Recital day!
 Macie was ready to go too
 Morgan with her friends Lilla and Carsyn backstage
 Waiting to dance
 Time to dance!
 Macie and GaGa cheered on Morgan as well
 So proud of our girl
 Family pic
GaGa and Morgan