Monday, May 4, 2015

Ok I am all caught up... finally!  Bear with me, we've been busy this spring.  Keep on reading all the way through BOTH wedding weekend posts!

Rejoicing the Lord

This year the spring program was precious!  The kids sang praise worship songs with the live band behind them!  This preschool is just so special and I'm thankful my girls get to be a part of this group of amazing people who help nurture them.  Morgan was very excited for the program and even more this year because BOTH Grandmothers were there to watch!  Poor Daddy had to stay home with a sick Macie.  Although we sang more than we did at the Thanksgiving program, we still had some quiet moments on stage.  Oh well.  She says she had fun!
 The whole school
 Morgan singing... kind of
 GaGa, Morgan and RoRo
 Morgan and Mommy
Kindergarten next year?  Really?

Concert with Mom

Mom came to town for a special Mother-Daughter date.  We went to see Zac Brown Band!  We had a blast and I was glad she joined me.  He's one of our favorites and we loved having a big girl's night out.
 Ready to sing!

Hail State!

This year, Super Bulldog Weekend was a girls day out!  Jeff scheduled a golf trip with his friends (silly boys) and we didn't want to miss out.  So Abby and Kiersten came with us too!  We had a blast!  We checked out the Arts Festival, grabbed lunch and then made it to the baseball game.  I was thankful for time with my sweet friends and the girls had fun too!
 Morgan, Macie, Abby and Kiersten
 Sweet Morgan
 Silly Macie
 Me and my girls
Happy Bulldogs... and one Rebel (hint: she's the one NOT wearing maroon)

Easter Fun

Easter was a great holiday again this year.  We were so lucky to have both of our parents in town to celebrate with us.  It was a laid back weekend full of fun.  A perfect way to celebrate the Lord!
 Dying eggs with Packe
 The Easter Bunny came
 And to Macie too!
 Sweet Bunny
 Beautiful girls ready for church
 RoRo and her girls
 Mommy and Morgan
 Family picture
 RoRo, GG, Packe, Macie and Morgan
Macie, GaGa and Morgan

A Hunting We Will Go

Morgan's class had a sweet Easter party this year!  After lunch and crafts they headed to the play ground for their egg hunt.  Oh the joy of finding eggs!  The girls had a blast.  And then promptly sat down to dig out all the candy and goodies from their eggs.  We could not be more blessed to have Morgan in this sweet class!
 Ready to hunt
 "Found one!"
 Mommy and Morgan
 Mary Tannler and Morgan
 Morgan and Lilla checking out their eggs
 After school pics
 My big girl
My baby

Musical Morgan

Morgan loves being in choir at church and sings all the time!  She always has to see Mrs. Beverly after church.  Mrs. Beverly is our music director who teaches Morgan choir and plays the organ every Sunday.  I asked Morgan if she wanted to learn to play an instrument.  Expecting to hear, "Yes!  The piano!", or even "Yes!  The violin!"  But no, she responded with, "Yes!  The harp!"  This kid surprises me all the time.  Maybe we can try again with the instrument later!
So when I heard of a special event at the Orpheum in Memphis I knew we had to go.  They were doing a special Disney Concert.  The Memphis Orchestra was onstage and they played all the music from the Disney movies.  Some songs had live singers with them.  And they played footage from the movies on a screen.  They even encouraged us to sing along!  GaGa was ready to join us too!
But the coolest part of the day was before the show.  They had an instrument petting zoo!  Morgan was thrilled.  They had kid-sized instruments with instructors to teach the kids how to use them.  Morgan played a cello, violin, trumpet and flute.  She was disappointed there was no harp!  But it was a great day that all three of us enjoyed.
 Playing away
 Morgan and GaGa
 Morgan and Mommy
Ready for the show