Monday, November 23, 2015

A Change of Plans on the Birthday

Morgan was so excited because her class was going to the pumpkin patch on her birthday.  What a great way to spend the day!  But the weather had different plans.  After it rained the whole day before, some of the Mom's made different plans.  So thankful for them and their quick thinking!  It was much too wet to go to the pumpkin patch, so we brought the fun to the class!  We took over the gathering room and set up some fun carnival games and activities.  The kids had a blast and not one person was sad to be there! 
Morgan and Lilla got to celebrate their birthdays too!  Merissa planned the pumpkin carnival so I brought treats for the class to enjoy.  We sang to the girls and watched their class traditions of "blowing out the candles" and getting their birthday "spanking"!  So sweet!
 Our Kindergarten Pumpkins
 Tatum, Morgan and Carsyn
 Carnival time!
 Ready to sing to the birthday girls
 Morgan and her six "candles"
 Our two six year olds!  Happy Birthday Morgan and Lilla!
Morgan chose to celebrate at the Grill that night and really enjoyed her birthday treat!

Dawgs vs Cats

After partying with Morgan in the morning, we packed up and headed straight to Starkville for more fun!  We put on our maroon and set up the tailgate.  Party #2 was just as much fun!  The kiddos ran and played while the big kids got to sit and enjoy for awhile too.  Most of us cheered on the Dawgs for the win!  The others cheered on the Cats and we won't hold that against them.  It was a long, long day.  But it was one we won't soon forget!
 Best buddies
 Me, Belinda and Carrie
 Oh how Morgan loves playing with these Evans boys.  And thanks to RoRo they had new games to play this time!
 Selfies with my party girl
 Grandma sat with Kathryn and her boys!
 Here come our Dawgs!
 A very rare date night at the game!  Mom and Dad sat with Mrs. Jan and Belinda kept the girls at home.  How did this happen?
Bubba stole all the snuggles and kisses all night!

Tea Party Fanciness

This year Morgan decided she wanted to have a tea party for her birthday.  And she had ideas!  I can't imagine where she gets it from either.  But she knew exactly what she wanted- a fancy tea party under the tree at GaGa's house.  And so it was!  And it was perfect!  We got everything set up just in time for the rain to come.  But that didn't slow down the girls' fun!  The tree protected the girls from the rain and we moved the food under the tent.  Thank goodness we invited two strong men to the party!

It was a sweet party full of giggles and smiles.  The girls came all dressed up and when they got here they put on hats, jewels and white gloves.  To get fancy of course.  They all loved playing on the swing and getting to use real china for their tea. 

Morgan has such sweet friends and it was fun to watch them be little girls.  And Lord knows it wouldn't have been such a perfect day if we didn't have help.  Thank you GaGa and Pop for letting us take over your home!  And thank you RoRo, Packe, GG and Bubba for helping set up!  We love Morgan and were so thankful to celebrate her!
 Family picture
 Macie was ready to start digging in
 A table set for a six year old
 Tea sandwiches, fruit and sweets ready to go!
 Getting all dressed up
 Mommy and Morgan
 Belinda and Emma Kate
 Macie even got fancy and stole some prizes for herself!
 Morgan, Lilla, Marley and Lilly
 Emme, Lilly, Morgan, Alice, Reece and Mary Tannler
 Morgan and Kendall
 Mimosas for the big kids!
 They loved swinging under the tree.  One of my favorite memories was watching them push each other and sing songs about Jesus.  Precious!
 Love these girls
Happy Birthday to you!
 Ready to eat
 Would you like more tea my dear?
 Pinkies up ladies! 
 Silly girls
 Morgan loved opening all her gifts...
...and Macie loved playing with them too!

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Beautiful Day for the Dawgs

The next weekend we had another home game.  This one had an 11:00am kickoff so we didn't get to tailgate.  The girls (and me) really missed it!  It was the first chilly day of the year so we loved being outside on such a beautiful sunny day.  And we loved watching our Dawgs win big even more!
 Posing at the Chapel of Memories before the game
 Silly sisters
 Selfie with Mom!
Yep.  He's a Dad of girls.  And he rings that pink cowbell with pride!

Birthday Play Time

Sissy loves the theater and so do I.  And I love that she wants to pass that passion onto Morgan (and soon Macie).  This year to celebrate Morgan's birthday Sissy took the three of us to Memphis to see Cinderella at the Orpheum.  It was so much fun!  We had dinner at the Majestic Grill before the show.  It was yummy!
We all loved the show!  It was beautiful, funny and magical.  When the fairy godmother transformed into her dress we were all amazed!  Morgan said she must be a real fairy godmother because that was magic.  She was right!  I watched Cinderella transform too and I still don't know how it happened!
After the show was Morgan's final surprise- a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.  I think she almost peed in her pants!  It was the perfect end to our celebration evening.  And then we drove a tired princess home.
Ready for the play
I loved how she held her dress when she posed
The Orpheum lobby is so beautiful
GaGa and Morgan
Morgan and Mommy in our crowns
With my Cinderella
Best Buddies
She picked the perfect pink carriage
We had a ball (pun intended)
Til next time, Orpheum