Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Hot Win

Another weekend, another game in Starkville.  And another win for our Bulldogs!  After a wet day last weekend, we faced a HOT day this time.  We had an earlier game so we didn't tailgate like usual.  But that allowed us to come and visit with other people we don't normally get to see!  And we were so thankful that Abby joined us!  The girls and I watched most of the game in the air conditioning at the concession area.  But we loved watching our Dawgs beat UAB!
 Dressed and ready to go!
 Ready for her first time in the stadium
 Michelle, Patton, Macie and me (Morgan would not cooperate)
 Chilling with Abby in the air conditioning
 Pretty girl
 Family pic
 We ran into the Evans boys too!
Macie flirting with Parker.  He does not seem amused by her advances!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A is for Apple

Another school year has begun!  This year, both girls are at preschool at our church.  Morgan is back to attend 4 year old preschool and Macie is in the infant room.  Morgan has been asking for weeks when she was going to school.  And Macie was unaware that her world was about to be rocked!  Morgan's sweet class is all girls this year!  I can't even imagine the drama to come out of that room.  I pray for her teachers daily.  And I was worried about Macie for nothing!  Her sweet teachers have kept her busy and she has not cried even once!  Morgan goes three days a week and Macie goes two.  And now Mom can have more time to get back to HealthWorks!
 Morgan and Macie
 "I'm ready Mom!"
 Morgan was so proud of her new dress...
 ...and her new backpack!
 Happy girl
 She was ready to play
 And oh so excited to play with Mary Tannler!
When I peeped in on Macie she was just fine!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Rain Couldn't Keep Us Away

We were so excited to start another football season... so excited in fact that we were willing to sit through the downpour just to see it!  But a little rain couldn't keep us from cheering for our Bulldogs!  We set out to tailgate before the game and we did.  We just didn't ever leave the comfort of our tent because it rained all afternoon!  But when it was time for kickoff, the clouds parted and we had a beautiful, cool evening for football.  Sissy helped out with Macie and kept her dry in the Union during the game and Morgan braved the weather with us in our newly updated stadium.  It looks so cool!  Morgan had been asking me all week when we were going to Mississippi State.  And when we were tailgating, she kept asking when she could go see her Bulldogs play.  And about halfway through the first quarter she asked me when she could go home.  I have no words for this kid sometimes.  It was great to see our Bulldogs play so well and begin the season with a win!
 Cutest girls in their polka dots!
 Morgan didn't mind the rain
 Pop, Morgan, GaGa and Macie
 Go Dawgs!
 Morgan and Daddy
Freddie and Paige got to sit with us during the game!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chefs in Training

 After coming back from NOLA, I picked up Macie and left Morgan for a few days of fun in Jackson.  She had a blast running around with GaGa.  I don't think she wanted to come home!  But they did make their way back to Tupelo so that Jeff and I could take advantage of my birthday presents.  My family got me a gift certificate to the Viking Cooking School in Greenwood and Jeff got me a night at the Alluvian.  What a treat!  Jeff and I picked out our class and went on Friday night.  We had so much fun!  And we learned some stuff too which was bonus!  We cooked our meal and got to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  And the Alluvian was amazing!  It was a quick night away, but oh so wonderful!
 Your two chefs
 Jeff hard at work
 Dinner is served!
 But dessert was the best
Our fun class!

Girls Take NOLA

Last weekend I got away for some girl fun in New Orleans!  I dropped my girls off at GaGa and Pops's house and kept heading south.  I met Lauren and Paige at Kristin's house for Friday night.  Saturday we got up and went into the city for a full day of eating, drinking and walking around New Orleans.  It was such a laid-back and perfect day.  We had a great time and stayed up WAY too late.  Hotel security even had to come and tell us to quiet down.  It was a great weekend!
 Starting off right with a daiquiri
 Lunch at Muriel's
 Holly joined us at SoBou
Loved getting to see Holly!

Sick Baby

Macie hadn't been feeling well for a while so I took her to the doctor before we left for the beach.  Poor thing had her first ear infection.  So we got some meds and headed to the beach.  A little salt water cures everything, right?  When we got home she still wasn't quite right but we were still on the antibiotic.  And then one day Macie woke up.  And in the words of Morgan, "Mom!  Macie has polka dots!"  After another trip to the doctor we discovered Macie is allergic to amoxicillin!  AND she still has an ear infection.  So a different antibiotic was on tap and now she is feeling much better.  And after a few days she was polka dot free!
 Waiting on Dr. Ivancic
Playing in the waiting room

Beach Fun

This year we continued our newly begun Leddy/Worley Beach Trip!  Last year, they went without me since I was too large to want to travel.  But this year Macie and I were in!  We stayed with Mom and Dad and had a great week.  It is our last big hurrah before the girls go back to school so we live it up.  The girls and I got there to celebrate a belated birthday for Belinda! 
 Blowing out the candles
 A little dance party in the living room
Building forts
The next day brought a real treat: Mom kept Macie so the us big girls spent the afternoon at the beach! Macie does like the beach, but she doesn't last too long and that cuts into the lengths of our visits. Morgan and Emma Kate had a ball playing in the waves while Belinda and I watched. So much fun! 
 Morgan and Emma Kate
 Morgan and her Bubba
 Splashing in the waves
Packe is a super hair brusher... it was always his job with us! 
On Friday we had a full day of a new kind of fun. We did a bit of shopping and then took the girls to the Track where we had a (HOT) time filled with games, bumper boats and go-karts! It was a blast! When it was time to ride the go-karts Morgan rode with Belinda and Emma Kate rode with me. This proved to be a great choice since Morgan said, "Go faster Bubba!" while Emma Kate told me, "I'm not so sure about this." Their drivers fit their needs well. Haha! Then that night Mom and Dad took us to the water park. We had never been before, but Dad's work hosted a family night so it was the perfect opportunity to go. It was great! We played in the kids area and all floated on the lazy river. And then Dad, Morgan and I decided to go down a big slide together. I thought we were going to fall off! But Morgan loved it!! It was a great, but exhausting, day.
 Bumper Boats
 How Macie slept in that heat I'll never know!
 Time for a snack
 Who knew a box could be so much fun!
 Water park kids area
 Both of the girls loved it
 RoRo and Macie
 Packe and Morgan
 Girls in their jammers
 Morgan helped Packe wash the car
 Mom and Dad at Flippers
 Feeding the fish
 Emma Kate, Morgan and GG
Our last full day Mom and Grandma left for their trip to Key West, so Dad took the rest of us girls to the beach.  Morgan quickly talked Packe into digging a hole and the fun began!  We spent the rest of the day playing while Belinda got Macie and Emma Kate to take a nap under the tent!  She has skills.
 My beach-loving big kid
 Macie is such a monkey.  She has no fear!
Bubba and Macie
 Me and Macie
 Sweet friends
 Me and my girls 
 Belinda and Emma Kate
 A rare picture of Belinda and me! 
We also made a stop at the beach that night to see the super moon.  And boy was it super!  Big and bright!  And it was really cool to see it rise over the ocean.
 Emma Kate and Morgan
 All of us girls!
 Me, Macie, Dad and Morgan
Emma Kate and Belinda

We came across a dance party while getting ice cream!