Tuesday, April 22, 2014

He Lives!

 Last weekend was about as close to perfection as one could get.  We spent Easter weekend in Florence with Carrie.  The weather was amazing and we all spent most of our time outside enjoying God's beautiful creations.  We all got to town Friday and had a yummy chicken dinner where they had live music.  We all enjoyed dancing around! 

Saturday the boys played golf and us ladies headed out and about.  UNA's campus had beautiful tulips blooming so we went to visit the lions (of course) and the girls cooperated for some pictures in their new dresses from RoRo.  We then drove over to Tuscombia and spent the afternoon shopping and playing at the most wonderful park.  That night we celebrated an early birthday for Dad and Carrie with dinner at Rosie's and cake!

Then came Easter Sunday!  One of my favorite days of the year.  I love the promise of Easter and I LOVE an Easter service.  We stayed in a hotel for the weekend and Morgan was in heaven.  She didn't even mind when the Easter Bunny had to leave the baskets outside the door!  That sneaky bunny.  Our service had beautiful music and lunch was yummy.  But my girls were precious in their dresses.  We are thankful for so much and one of those is RoRo and her sewing skills!

What a wonderful weekend.  And what a wonderful Lord we serve!
 Waiting for dinner at Champy's
 Posing in her new dress
 Happy girl
 Love these two
 My baby
 These two love their Aunt Carrie
 "Well hello there!" 
 Thank goodness GG had some pennies for the fountain.  Make a wish!
 Fun times at the park: playground, water with ducks, carousel AND a train!
 The birthday kids!
 Morgan was so excited to find what the Easter Bunny left she dug in before she even brought it into our room!
 Macie checking out her goods 
 My bunnies
 This kid
 She loved the flowers so much
 So sweet
 RoRo, Morgan, Packe and Macie...who slept through all the pictures!
 Four generations of girls.  And you would have thought we planned our blue Easter but we didn't!  Great minds think alike huh?
 Macie, Aunt Carrie, Morgan and me
Family picture

Hunting Some Fun

Last week Morgan's sweet class had their Easter party and Reeves' mom hosted it for us.  It was a perfect day for a party!  The kiddos had a blast hunting eggs, eating lunch and running around like crazy.  Macie and I got to come and play as well and it was fun to watch Morgan play with the others.  We had big fun!
 3 year old preschool class
 On the hunt!  I had to slow her down so she would leave enough eggs for the others.
 Lilla and Morgan
 The girls showing Mrs. Mary Lin their eggs
 Marley and Morgan
 Anne Bailey and Morgan
 Mary Tannler and Morgan.  These two girls are the best of friends.  Mary Tannler got to ride with us to the party and Morgan was thrilled!  They sang "Let It Go" at the top of their lungs the whole way there.  I think it was Morgan's perfect day!
Me and the girls

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Super Day

This past weekend was perfection.  On Saturday we took the girls to Starkville to spend the day on campus for Super Bulldog Weekend.  The weather was perfect and we could not have asked for anything better!  Jeff went to the Spring Football game while the girls and I met Carrie at the Arts Festival downtown.  Later in the day we all went to play with baby Patton!  We then capped off the day with a baseball game.  Yes, we were 4 of the 15,586 to watch our Bulldogs beat Ole Miss in 10 innings!  The largest on-campus crowd in college baseball history!  We ran into my big sis from Chi Omega, Meg, and she happened to have some extra chairback seats.  So we actually got to sit and see the game!  Our girls did great and we stayed the whole time.  The only melt down we had was when Morgan realized I forgot her pom poms at home.  Whoops!  The girls were precious in their outfits RoRo made them.  How lucky are we to have her?  After dinner the girls rode home in their pajamas and we were all worn out by our fun day!
We're here!
 Go Bulldogs!
 Daddy and his girls
 Lauren came to sit with us... in the 10th inning.  Our goodluck charm!
 We won! 

Celebrating after the win

Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting Ready

Morgan and I are ready for the Derby!

A Little Mommy "Staycation"

Last weekend I had a "staycation" in Jackson with my girls...and what fun we had!!  We had really been missing each other so the easiest was meeting in Jackson.  Stephanie and Kathryn live there so it made sense.  We did miss Ashley since she couldn't come!  But we had a great weekend and called her often so she felt like she was there!  We started with dinner Friday night with just us girls...and many margaritas!  Kathryn and I even stayed in a hotel Friday night, complete with our own beds with no kids or snoring husbands!  And the Embassy Suites served us well.  They even had free happy hour which we poured in coffee cups to take it to go!  Haha!  Saturday we all just bummed around town and then we brought the boys in for a date night at Shapleys.  It was so yummy!  Sunday we braved Chuck E Cheese with the kids and had a blast watching them run around.  It was a great weekend and I am so thankful for 14 years of friendship from these wonderful friends.
 Friday night dinner with round 1
 Date night!
 Not sure who had the most fun
 Working on her form Aunt Carrie
 Big girl braved the high chair!
This picture is perfection.  Not one kid is looking at the camera!  That's what we get for trying to wrangle six kids under the age of 4!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun Weekend!

This past weekend was busy busy busy with a whole ton of fun thrown in.  I had to work one day and then Saturday I had both of our fundraisers for the Tupelo Women's Club.  We definitely needed some extra hands to help!  So Mom spent her weekend helping us out and we are so thankful!  But in between our business we found time to have fun and cheer UK on to the final four!  When we were watching UK play Michigan Morgan said she wanted to cheer for the yellow team.  I asked her, "Would you cheer for the Cats or the Wolves?"  Of course she picked the Cats from that group!  After the game she said, "Bad wolf."  Silly girl!  Thank you RoRo for coming to play! 
 Me, Morgan, RoRo and Macie
 RoRo and Macie
 Playing in the tent
My cute bunnies

Play Play Play

 Last week Carrie had to stay in Florence for her Spring Break so we decided to go play one day!  We ate, shopped and played at Morgan's favorite playground.  It was a great day!  Later in the week Carsyn and Patrick came by to play too.  Morgan and Carsyn are such sweet friends and play really well together.  But watching Macie and Patrick interact was the best!  It was like they couldn't figure each other out.  They are both used to bigger kids around them so they were shocked that they were the same size!  It was a great week of fun!
 At Trowbridges for lunch...
 ...and ice cream of course!
 Some bunny got tired
 Snuggle time with Aunt Carrie!
 Dress up #1
 Dress up #2
The babies