Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Favorite Day

This year I was extra excited for my favorite time of year.  A few months prior Carrie made a suggestion to have everyone come to Tupelo for Christmas.  She wanted to see the magic.  And oh magical it was!  I was thrilled when everyone was on board!  Both Morgan and Macie are smack dab in the middle of the magic and I love every second.  So everyone came to be witness.  Christmas Eve was spent with each other.  Just celebrating in the season and family.  We did church and then a Leddy tradition of fried oysters for dinner.  It was the perfect prelude to Christmas.
 I can't describe how happy this really full mantle makes me
 RoRo and Macie
 Grandma passing down the knowledge of roll making from scratch
 Coloring with Aunt Carrie
 At church
 My favorite moment of the year- singing "Silent Night" by candlelight
 The whole family pic with a sleeping Macie
 Family pic
 Macie, RoRo, Packe and Morgan
 The Radke's
 These crazy girls were fired up!
Ready for Santa...

A Trip to the North Pole

This year we made an extra special memory with a trip on the Polar Express.  It was amazing!  GaGa and Pop gave us the tickets for an early Christmas gift.  When we finally told the girls they were both so excited.  Morgan loves the book and was ready to ride.  Macie was so excited for the train.  A quick drive to Batesville (with a pit stop to clean up a mess) and we were there!  We got our tickets and found our car.  Our train took us out to the North Pole and entertained us the whole way!  It was such a great memory!
 Ready to ride
 The girls were so excited with empty mugs ready for hot chocolate!
 Punching their golden tickets
 At the North Pole!
 Santa came by to see us!  Macie was really excited to see him but refused a picture.
 He gave the girls a silver bell.  Morgan asked where it came from and he told her from Comet's harness.  She was thrilled!
 Dancing away
 Family pic
We loved our trip!

PS- On our way home we stopped in Oxford for dinner.  And somehow, someway, we lost Macie's paci!  We just told her she left it on the train. And yes, we had more at home, but we didn't tell.  And just like that, Macie gave up her paci.  Big day!

The Sun Will Come Out...

This year Belinda had the best idea for a Christmas gift for the girls.  It was a trip to Memphis to see Annie!  We also were able to celebrate Emma Kate's birthday.  It was perfect!  We spent the night downtown and the girls we so excited.  It was Macie's first time to see a play and she did so well!  Like her big sister, she loved every second.  The girls weren't too familiar with the story, but they loved it.  Now they watch the movie at home all the time, singing along every word.  We had such big fun!
 Swimming at the hotel
 My goodness I love these girls
 What happens when you forget your own boots?  You borrow the shoes of the 11 year old!
 Me and my girls at brunch
 Ben, Belinda and Emma Kate
 We walked through the Peabody to see the ducks and beautiful Christmas decorations
 It was so pretty!
 Ready for the play
One day Macie will cooperate for our girls picture, right?

Jingle All the Way!

This Christmas season was full of fun and merriment! We celebrated each and every way we could.  These two girls love Christmas just as much as I do and I love that!  
 I took stuff to Morgan's class to let them make Reindeer Food.  It was big fun!
 Love my little reindeer
 Morgan's sweet class
 I loved doing Macie's class party too!
 Macie also had a Snowflake Classic at her gymnastics where she got a medal
 Oh my crazy HealthWorks! family- what would I do without them?
 This year Morgan opted to do cookies with her friends.  She has the best little friends who all had such fun!
 The creative mess
 Macie hard at work
 Love this group and love that Macie had a friend this year too!
 Christmas card pictures are always an adventure.  Thankfully we got one!
 And some other fun ones as well
My babies

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas Choir Program

This year Morgan's choir at church put on quite the performance!  It was the same weekend as Nutcracker so Morgan really had a jam-packed weekend to shine.  And she did!  I was so proud of her for hanging in there with all of her stuff.  It was a great show!
 Dressed and ready to sing!

 Anne Bailey and Morgan
GaGa and Macie came to watch too!

Morgan's First Nutcracker!

Oh goodness the time finally came!  Morgan's dance studio puts on The Nutcracker every year at Christmas and at 1st grade you can participate in the show.  The 1st graders are either Angels or Peppermints and my tall girl was an angel!  Words cannot describe how precious these little ones were.  This is a huge production so we Moms who were new to this were slightly overwhelmed.  But we all made it through!  Haha!  The girls loved every second of it and can't wait until next year!
 Ready to go
 Showing off her costume
 Morgan and Anne Bailey
 Morgan and her Peppermints
 Does it get sweeter than this?
 Oh the love between Morgan and Mary Tannler!
 These sweet first graders waiting backstage
 Waiting to take the stage
 There they are!
 She did so good
 And off they go!
Backstage with my sweet angel