Thursday, August 21, 2014

And Now You Twirl

This year we decided to let Morgan try a dance class.  To say she was excited is such an understatement!  When I told her we needed to go shopping for her outfit she squealed!  She is in the Creative Movement class and she LOVES it.  She had tried on her outfit every day for a week before she started.  And then as we were walking up to class she told me she was a little nervous.  Sweet girl.  But no nerves once she got in.  We have a dancer on our hands folks!
 So proud to pose
This was her ballerina pose

Monday, August 4, 2014

Swimming and Playing and Laughing, Oh My!

We have been jamming the last of our summer full of fun times!  Morgan took swim lessons and learned a ton.  We now have an indoor aquatic center in town so she can continue lessons all year if she wants!  Sissy came to town for a week and helped us out a ton!  While she got to play with the girls, I made a trip to Birmingham to do some wedding stuff with Carrie and Mom.  I am so enjoying our wedding trips together!  Other than those things, we have stayed home and played played played!  It has been a great summer so far!
 Ready to swim
 Kick, Morgan, kick!
Our little fish
 Morgan's cheering section 
 Morgan, Macie and GaGa
 Macie got her own swing...and she loves it!
 Look who likes to help with the dishes
 Fun times in the tent
 Lunch with Abby!
Playing at the mall
 A little princess play
Happy sisters
 Pajama day!
Taking Josie to the vet.  Josie was miserable but the girls loved it!
Aunt Carrie came to spend the night and the Monopoly tradition continues.  Jeff and Carrie have a long standing tradition of playing Monopoly together.  Normally they don't extend an invitation to others because this is serious business.  But Morgan now has Monopoly Junior (thanks GaGa!) and it was on!  For the record... Morgan won!

Redneck Fun Missouri Style

One of our most fun trips this summer was to Missouri to visit the Worley's.  My girls did not want to leave!  Ben promised Morgan some Redneck Fun while she was there and he delivered!  As soon as we got there Morgan immediately got naked and jumped in the pool.  And so the fun began! 
The next day the cousins came over to play with the girls and swim.  Both my girls love Emma Kate's crazy cousins!  That night Ben made one of Morgan's dreams come true...he took her out on the boat!  My girl was so excited. Especially when she saw that the boat sparkled!  Good job Ben, finding a sparkly boat for my sparkly girl!  Ben and I pulled Morgan, Emma Kate and Megan behind us and Morgan just laughed and laughed.  She kept telling Ben to "go faster"!  (Which is exactly what I used to tell my Paw Paw when I was little and riding on his boat.)  She also loved swimming in the lake with her life jacket on.  We had big fun while Belinda and Macie watched from the beach!
The next day I took the girls to Amy's for picture time!  Amy took pictures of Morgan when she was Macie's age so I knew we needed some of our baby.  Thank goodness Megan was with me because there is no way I could have survived that chaos without her!  Amy worked her magic and I can't wait to see what she took.  Friday night Ben took us out to his family's farm.  We picked up dinner and met everyone at the farm for a back porch dinner.  And then Morgan promptly rode everything with wheels!  We came home dirty and tired...the true success of a great night.
After another morning swimming in the pool we hit the road.  Morgan had tears as we headed south.  We had so much fun and spent most of our time outside in the beautiful cool weather that July brought us.  Can't wait to see those Worley girls at the beach in a few weeks!
Starting off with some skinny dipping in the back yard
Picnic lunch with the cousins
Morgan, Chloe, Logan and Emma Kate
Mommy and Morgan
Macie had a little photo session too
"No more pictures Bubba!"
Sweet girl
She's so excited she posed for me!  And Morgan LOVED the life jacket Ben got her!
Ready to ride
I could see that huge grin all the way in the boat
Macie looked so sad not getting to ride
Contemplating jumping off the boat
She thought swimming with a life jacket was so cool
Belinda, Macie, Morgan and Emma Kate after our ride
Ben and Macie
Emma Kate helped feed Macie too!
Ok this was a funny story: Ben made Morgan's bed one night on the pull out couch and put this ugly Cardinal blanket on top.  When I told Morgan that her Packe is a Cubs fan and we do NOT like the Cardinals she immediately threw the blanket off and said, "those Cardinals are wrong"!  Funny, that's what her Daddy says about those Rebels too!  She made Bubba find a different blanket for her bed.
Morgan loved the life jacket so much she brought into the pool...that she can touch the bottom of!
All of the different "wheels" Morgan rode.  Her favorite was the tractor!  Ben had to pull that out so he could rescue Belinda when she literally broke the steering wheel off one!
While the big kids rode the toys, Macie enjoyed her ribs
Ben took us out in the fields and showed us the corn he grew and the blind he built (something for hunting I guess).  Morgan wanted to try it and took a bite.  Not too bad for a stock broker!
With our corn
Just a swinging
Me and the girls with the most beautiful sunset that night
Belinda educating Morgan on the beans
We promised Morgan we could play at Belinda's clinic but I think Macie had the most fun!  She climbed the stairs all by herself!  She was very proud.
And she really loved that baby she found at the top in the mirrors!
Sliding sisters

She's so happy!
More swinging
My two Elsa's after a make up tutorial from Emma Kate!
Another first- giving a dog a bath
Ben, Morgan, Emma Kate, Belinda and Macie
Just the girls