Thursday, May 11, 2017

Twirling Across the Stage

This year's dance recital had an around the world theme and Morgan's class was America!  We just love this class and love our teacher Mrs. Tracy even more.  I'm serious there is nothing sweeter than a bunch of little ballerinas!  Their ballet was to "America" and they did an amazing job!  We were all so proud.  Their tap dance was to "God Bless America" and it was a little less together.  But still so precious!  Ha!  I think my favorite part is that Macie can now sing every word to "God Bless America" and truly can't wait until she gets to be a ballerina next year too!
 1st grade ballerinas
 From backstage
 Front and center she did great!
 Morgan was thrilled that her sweet teacher, Ms. Roberts, came to watch her!  Ms. Roberts had three girls on stage this day: Morgan, Delina and Anne Bailey.
 Ballerinas in waiting
 Morgan, Mary Clayton, Anne Bailey and Sara Reid
Delina, Morgan, Reece and Anne Bailey
 Ready to tap!
 Waiting backstage for their turn 
 They tried really hard!
 Morgan and her flowers
 What a pose!
 My goodness sometimes these sisters can be sweet!
And they are both still dancing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Singing into Spring

As we wrap up the end of another school year, my favorite Spring Programs for the girls occur.  This year Macie's school did "Down on the Farm" and she was so proud to be on stage!  She has been singing "Old MacDonald" for weeks now.  It was precious as usual.  Goodness I love this school!

Morgan has been working hard in choir all year.  Their Spring Program included all ages and even handbells!  The kids did an amazing job this year!
 Our little farmers
 Singing loud...
 ... and proud!
 Macie's class
 Kate and Macie
 Both older children's choirs
She loves ringing handbells like her RoRo

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Little Artist

We have a local art gallery in town and each year they do a show containing pieces done by students from Tupelo Schools.  When Morgan got a note saying some of her art was chosen she was thrilled!  She will tell you that she wants to be an artist when she grows up so this was very special.  We are so thankful for this town that supports its school in such a positive way.  It made Morgan so happy!
 She found her art way at the top!
 And she had TWO pieces!
 Proud family
We made it to Florence to celebrate Carrie's birthday!

Easter Celebrations

We had a wonderful Easter again this year.  With Morgan having a long weekend, we got to seriously enjoy some family time.  It was a low-key year and we stayed home to celebrate with our church on it's 150th birthday.  It was a great time to celebrate one of my favorite times of the year!
 Morgan's class party
 Macie's class hunted eggs too!
 Ready for the Easter Bunny to come...
 ... and he did!
 My sweet girls in their Easter dresses that RoRo made for them
 Family picture
GaGa and the girls

It's a Zoo Out There!

Morgan had a day off school so we decided to have an adventure!  I packed the girls up and took them to the Memphis Zoo.  We got there after lunch and had so much fun that we stayed until it closed!  It really was a beautiful day outside and we all three enjoyed our time there.  It was a great day!
Sweet sisters watching the birds
 Carousel ride
 Checking out the seals
 Morgan loved the giraffes!
 A quick selfie before they kicked us out
See you soon Memphis Zoo!

Wet and Wild Washington D.C.

When your Grandma wants to take a trip with her girls you always say, "Yes!"  When she wants to go the next weekend, you say, "What about in the spring?"  But you definitely make the plans!  Grandma wanted to go to Washington D.C. since she hadn't been there in years.  Grandma, Mom, Carrie and I packed our bags (and umbrellas) and met in the city.  We had a great time playing tourist!  But most importantly we had a great time just making memories.  I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have those memories to add to our heart.  I can't wait until we plan our next trip!
It rained all day!  But that didn't stop us!
Fun in the Smithsonian's
The Capitol on a rainy day
A first for me- the Washington Cathedral
Me, Mom and Carrie
They had a kite festival around the Washington Monument and it was amazing!
The sun finally came out so we could see the cherry blossoms
The Lincoln Memorial
We even saw Austin and Katie and got to meet Ollie!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break Shenanigans

This year for Spring Break the girls and I took our annual trip to Mom and Dad's, only this year Stephanie and her kiddos met us there!  We had an absolute blast!  I think it took a total of five minutes before all four kids were running around as the best of friends.  Watching the kids of your best friends play is a joy I will never get tired from.  The weather was so cold!  I hated that we couldn't enjoy the sand more, but we found our fun anyway.  Honestly I could have spent all day inside with Stephanie catching up and would have been just fine!  But we got the kids out of the house a bit to get the wiggles out!

Later in the week Jeff joined us for the last of our trip.  He got some golf in and some yummy food so he was happy.  And my sweet Daddy gave me his ticket so I could go with Mom to see Luke Bryan!  I swear, Mom and I have the best time at concerts!  And Luke did not disappoint either.  We ended our trip with a perfect day on the beach.  Another great time at the beach!
 Who enjoyed the s'mores more?  Clayton, Macie, Morgan or Brennan?
 A little park time was in order
 Brennan, Morgan and Macie
 What fools wanted ice cream on this cold day?
 This was the best pose I could get in the chilly wind
 Such a cold day on the beach!  We didn't last long.
 Might be my new favorite
 Clayton and Brennan
 These two were fast friends
 We even found our Tupelo friends for dinner!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 Luke Bryan fun
Beach time!