Sunday, August 14, 2016

Macie is Flipping Out

This year I signed Macie up for her first gymnastics class and to say she was excited was an understatement!  She was ready all day and it was hard for her to wait for her "nastics" class to start.  When we got there she was thrilled to see her buddies from school too.  They were so sweet giving each other big hugs.  She had fun jumping and flipping all day.  Her flips looked more like rolls, but she didn't care.  It's going to be a fun year!
 Practicing her gold medal pose
 Macie, Mary Lyle and Kate
 A headstand- sort of
Rolling down the mat!

First Day of First Grade

Oh Morgan.  She is now a First Grader!  All summer long I have been dreading this day.  But she was so ready and so excited to go, that it made me excited too.  Her first year in Tupelo Public Schools started off perfectly at Carver Elementary.  She found out earlier that she would have Ms. Roberts as her teacher and that Anne Bailey would be in her class too!  On her first day Jeff and I walked her in to her room.  She barely even gave us a hug bye!  She had a great day and we are all looking forward to a wonderful year!
 Ready to go!
 Walking in with Dad so they could learn how to do drop off in the morning.  Jeff takes her to school everyday!
 Morgan and Ms. Roberts
 Ready to work
 Cute classroom
Morgan and her buddy Anne Bailey

Swimming Summer Away

Morgan had been begging to have a swimming party for her friends at GaGa and Pop's house all summer.  We finally made it happen the weekend before school started.  Once Morgan got the ok from the doctor we were ready.  Morgan had been really sad when she realized her whole group of friends from First Methodist won't all be in the same school next year.  These sweet girls have been together since they were two and I know Morgan will miss seeing them everyday.  They had fun swimming together!
 Morgan, Lilly, Marley, Carsyn and Anne Bailey 
 Little sisters Presley and Emerson had fun too... did Macie!
 Fun times!
 Dinner time by the pool
 Love these kiddos!

My Sick Babies

We spent the end of summer where we didn't want to be- at the doctor's office!  Both girls were diagnosed with infantigo that came with a staph infection.  Morgan also had a scalding rash with hers which really scared our doctor.  Poor girls did not feel well- especially after two days with Dr. Nikki, shots and blood work.  Thankfully Dr. Nikki sent us home and not to the hospital.  After 10 days of antibiotics we finally got back to normal.  Hanging out inside was not how we wanted to spend our last weeks of summer!  But we were very thankful it didn't get worse either.
 Trying to be brave
 After two days at the doctor... milkshakes for breakfast!
RoRo, Pakce and GG sent the girls balloons and they loved them!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Little Lacy Got Married!

Jeff's cousin Lacy got married!  We were so excited to end our vacation in Jackson celebrating Lacy and Will.  Morgan, just like her mother, loves a wedding.  And when she realized we were staying in a hotel too?  Both girls were pumped!  It was a beautiful weekend and we loved every second.  It was the perfect way to wrap up our vacation.
 GaGa, Pop, Morgan and Macie at the rehearsal dinner
 Morgan and Macie with the bride, Lacy
Family pic with Will and Lacy

Fun on the Fourth

This year we went on our annual 4th of July trip that includes the Kraft family reunion in Canton and then a week at the beach with my parents.  As usual we had a great time!  We started off in Canton.  Morgan went down with Sissy on Friday, while Jeff, Macie and I joined them on Saturday.  I know she had big fun without us!  We got there Saturday to enjoy the cookout, the water slide and visiting with family.  It was another hot year, but another great year too.

We made it to Mom and Dad's house late Saturday night.  So Sunday we were ready to play!  I had requested that Dad do a shrimp boil for us and it was delicious!  Monday was the 4th.  Dad, Jeff and John played golf in the morning.  So Mom, Grandma, the girls and I made our way to the beach!  We met Susan and her family at the house they were renting so we could avoid the holiday crowds.  It was a great day on the beach!  That night we watched the golf cart parade and then found the fireworks.  A great 4th!

The rest of the week included more of the same: beach, pool, food, fun and family.  A perfect week of vacation!
 Packe made waffles one morning... with a little help
 Pool time!
 He was so proud of his first shrimp boil
 Bumming it on the beach
 These best friends talked all morning long
 Mom, Macie (Elizabeth), Morgan and Susan (Elizabeth)
 Oh the neighborhood golf cart parade
 My little firecrackers
 Happy Birthday America!
 The girls watched the fireworks from the top of the car
 Walking the beach with Packe
 We got to see Finding Dory
 It was Macie's first movie at the theater!  She did pretty good!
 Ready to watch
 That night Jeff and I got to sneak away for a date night while these two happily stayed with RoRo and Packe.  Morgan requested her favorite place to eat there- Gelato Joe's!
 Macie asked to go into the water.  I was shocked!  She has never wanted to play in the waves. But once she got in, I couldn't get her out.  She loved it!
 Family beach pic
 Sweet girls in new RoRo made dresses
 GG and her buddy Morgan
Thanks RoRo and Packe for another great week!

Blast from the Past

My Mom made these flamingo dresses for Carrie and I when we were little.  They have always been one of my favorites.  So now that they fit my girls I knew we had to take some pictures.  Yep, still cute!