Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Miracle Happened

I can't believe it.  I must admit, I cried.  My beloved Cubs finally broke the 108 year curse and won the World Series!  And I'm not sure who I was most happy for- them or my Dad.  My sweet Daddy is such a fan and instilled that love in the rest of us.  My Cubbies are lovable losers no more!  And my Dad is now going to have to retire his t-shirt that reads, "Just One Before I Die"!  It was a great season and so fun to watch.  I can't wait until next year!

Trick or Treat Time!

This year for Halloween Morgan wanted to be a witch and Macie a black cat.  Perfect for these two!  Morgan saw a purple sparkly witch hat and everything else was just details.  She wanted to be a pretty witch and got RoRo working hard on her costume.  And since Macie has been on a kitty kick these days, she was already in character.  It was precious!  As usual, we trick or treated with our neighborhood crew and then all ate dinner at Sam and Sissy's house.  I love our traditions!
 Cutest witch and kitty ever! 
 Love these beautiful girls

We had two witches and two kitties this year!
 Love this crew 
 Trick or treat!
 Carsyn, Morgan and Kendall having fun
Macie was happy with her loot

Class Party

Morgan's class had Character Day and threw a party to celebrate!  Since it was the same day as Halloween, this Momma found a book to match our Halloween costume.  So Morgan brought "Room on the Broom" to go with her witch costume!  The kiddos were so sweet and thankful for the treats we brought.  Each kid stood in front of the class and explained their book and the character they dressed up to be.  It was precious!
 Sweet Class
 Ms. Roberts and Morgan
Macie came with me and wore her costume too!  I grabbed a book about a Halloween kitty to match her costume.  And would you believe it, she wanted to tell the class about her book too!  My shy little Macie got up in front of everyone to talk just like the big kids.  What a great big sister Morgan was, helping her the whole way!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cheering for our Dawgs

This year for Homecoming the cheerleaders did their annual clinic.  Morgan and Anne Bailey were ready to participate again!  We dropped them off and went back to tailgate a bit before the game.  It is so sweet to watch these girls on the field!  It was a beautiful day for a Bulldog win!
 Kathryn's Dad brought a cake to celebrate the girls whose birthdays are just a few days apart
 Morgan and Anne Bailey with Bully
 The girls with their cheerleading group
 Waiting to take the field
 The little sisters trying to find the big girls
 There they are!
Morgan had so much fun 
This is how we spent the game: Macie slept and Morgan and I looked for the princesses!

A Ballet Birthday

Morgan had been dreaming of a ballerina birthday party for some time now.  So we got to work to make her pink dreams come true!  Thankfully her dance studio let us have it there and Cara Elizabeth came and danced with the girls.  It was the sweetest party watching the girls twirl and giggle in their tutus.  It was absolutely precious!  Macie was so excited too because she never gets to go in the studio.  She spends Morgan's dance class in the lobby.  This time she got to dance too!  It was a perfect afternoon celebrating our Morgan!
 Our pink decorations ready to party
 Morgan, Cara Elizabeth and Macie
 Macie getting ready with Cara Elizabeth
 Sister love
 Our dancing queens
 Wishes and dreams
 Girly fun
The birthday girl

We Love Carver!

We have loved every second of Morgan's first year in the Tupelo Public Schools.  Carver has been such a great experience for her!  She loves her teacher, loves her class and thus loves going to school each day to learn.  I can't ask for much more than that!  Her grade has had two big days they prepared for where the parents could come watch.

The first was a music program with every first grade class.  They sang many songs and each class got to play a different instrument for their song.  It was an impressive performance!

The second was a barn dance!  The kids had read a book about a barn dance and learned some square dancing steps.  They proudly showed off their hard work!
 First Grade at Carver
 Morgan's class during their song
 So proud to play her instrument
 Morgan's class with her teacher, Ms. Roberts
 Barn dancing!
 They practiced so hard and did great!
We love Ms. Roberts' class!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Heart Melts

How did this happen?  Seriously.  I don't know when it happened, but somehow I have a seven year old living in my house.  Goodness I love this kid so much.  She amazes me and challenges me every day.  She loves so big and makes me proud all the time.  Morgan truly loves school and learning each day.  I pray that never changes.  I love watching her mind grow that way.  She's just like me in so many ways that we struggle together some times.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  The one way she is not like me?  She loves math!  Like really loves it!  But that makes Jeff proud.  It's their thing and I will never understand.  Ha!  Morgan loves her friends and is still such a girly girl.  She loves all things sparkly and has become an artist.  She wants a blank sheet of paper and a pink crayon all the time.  She is a really good kid and I couldn't be more proud to be her Mom.