Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Under the Sea with Jesus

This year our VBS was a Deep Sea Discovery and all three of us girls had the best time.  Well, Macie cried every day when I dropped her off per usual, but she stopped 5 seconds later and said she had fun when I picked her up.  Goodness she kills me!  Morgan loved every second and was sad when it was over.  Another great year!
 Under the sea!
 Love them so
 Sweet kindergarten class
Morgan was so excited Mary Tannler was there!

Pool Time!

We are loving another summer spent in GaGa and Pop's pool!

A Weekend in Starkville

Our Bulldog baseball team hosted a regional playoff so Morgan and I had a date to the game!  Lauren met us there and we had a very hot, very fun day watching the Dawgs!

That Sunday we all went back to Starkville and met the Evans crew to play!  We spent the whole day outside while the kids played.  There is nothing more special than watching our kids enjoy being together.  We tried to make the Sunday game of the regional but the rain delayed it too late for us to stay.  
Sweating for our Dawgs!
Taking a walk in the woods
Spencer and Morgan loving it all
They even got Kathryn to take them out on the boat
Sweet friends
Love this pic of Macie
Sweet baby

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beaching it with ALL the Worleys!

This year saw a few changes for our annual beach trip with the Worley girls.  First, we moved it up to May since Morgan will start school so early next year.  And this year Ben joined us too!  I had to work so I had to cut my part of the trip short, but what we had was big fun!  We spent all day Thursday on the beach and the girls could not have been better!  Emma had big fun in the waves, Macie even enjoyed the sand and of course, we had to pull Morgan away kicking and screaming.  Top that with yummy food and quality family time and you have a good trip!
Pre-travel selfie- I promise Macie was happy to go
 My happy girl
 Macie's working on it
 Boogie board time! 
 Macie tried to boogie board too 
 On Friday Macie and I headed home while Grandma stole Ben for a date.  Then they took a selfie during their stop at the Flora-Bama.  I love this pic!
 Morgan stayed behind and came back with the Worleys
 Best buddies
 Candyland time on the porch with GG
Macie helped me cheer on the Dawgs!

The End of an Era

Morgan's class had their end of the year party at Anne Bailey's house on Monday.  They had so much fun!  They played on the jumpy, rode bikes on the court and played on the swing set.  One of my favorite things about this sweet class is how much they all truly love each other.  At any point during the day there were different groups playing together.  It makes my heart so happy to know how protective they are of each other.  The favorite part of the day?  The ice cream truck!
 Last class picture
 I lost count of how many times she went down this thing!
 Anne Bailey, Lilly and Morgan
 Lunch time: girls blanket and boys blanket.  Ha!
 You could hear the squeals two blocks over when these kids heard the music of the ice cream truck!
 Morgan and the Kathy's
 Mrs. Martha, Mrs. Tina and Macie
Macie had a great year too!  Bless her heart, she would cry every single time she got out of the car to go to school.  But she would stop before she even hit the door!  And when she would get in the car to come home she would tell me how much fun she had playing with her friends.  Good grief!  All that drama for nothing.  I'm in trouble.  But these sweet ladies took such great care of both my girls.  We will miss them next year for sure!
And this is where I cried... The last time both my girls will be at the same school at the same time.

Twirl and Tap, Twirl and Tap...

The day after graduation we continued the "Weekend of Morgan" with her dance recital!  Her cheering section was still there so she was set.  Morgan loves to dance and she did very well on the stage!  The whole class is precious.  We love our little ballerina!
 Love her!
 Ready for ballet
 Morgan and her very proud Mommy
 On their way to the stage
 Backstage waiting
 Dancing time!
 I was the backstage Mom so it was my job to keep them entertained until it was time for dance.  Thank goodness for coloring books, crayons and pink goldfish!
 Ready for tap
 Dancing time!
 Family pic
 Morgan's cheering section
 Macie even stayed awake the whole time
 She loved her flowers
Emma Kate sent some too!

Kindergarten Graduation

Oh.  My.  Word.  Morgan graduated Kindergarten at First United Methodist Church in Tupelo.  Everyone kept telling me to prepare myself because the whole thing is so sweet.  And my goodness it was!  Us mommas got together and decorated earlier in the week while the kids practiced so hard.  It was precious!  Morgan started the program with the prayer and did an amazing job.  We were so proud!  The kids sang 15 songs and each one said their poem and bible verse they had memorized.  Everyone did so great!  They got their diplomas and then we all had lunch with the kids and their family and friends.  It was such a great morning to celebrate Morgan and all her hard work.  Look out first grade- here she comes!
 Room decorations
 So proud of this girl!
 They sang every song with such joy
 Even though this picture is kind of a mess, I just love the proud smiles behind her!
 Getting her diploma and precious memory book from her teachers
 FUMC Kindergarten class of 2016
 Our graduate with her paper doll
 Proud family with our graduate
 Morgan and her cheering section
Morgan and Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Kathy
Oh how we will miss the love and support of these two!
Dad couldn't make it on Saturday so he made a surprise pit stop on Friday!