Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bulldogs, Sparkles and Birthdays!

Another weekend, another Bulldog win!  Last weekend was State's Homecoming and we had another great day.  We didn't tailgate so we grabbed lunch in Starkville before heading to campus to visit the O'Nan's.  It was a beautiful day and we even got to sit with Mrs. Jan!  Game time was right at Macie's nap time.  But there was no sleep for her all game.  Crazy kid never wants to miss a thing!  But Morgan?  Crashed out during the first quarter!  Don't worry, she was wide awake when it was half time and time to see the queen and court.  Morgan asked to go see the "princesses" so we walked down to the field.  I was so proud of my big girl!  She was not shy at all and walked right up to each and every one of those girls to talk to them!  She complimented them on their dresses, earrings and shoes too.  And every girl was super sweet to Morgan and talked with her too.  It was great!
After the game we headed to Jackson to spend Jeff and Sam's birthday weekend there!  It was a quick trip but as always it was great.  The house is beginning to get packed up since they are getting ready for a big move!  I think it was a little bittersweet for Jeff to see that "For Sale" sign in the front yard.  I understand your pain buddy!
 Sweet Macie at lunch
 She can sleep anywhere!
 Well rested to cheer on our Dawgs! 
Morgan and her favorite "princesses"
A beautiful sunset coming back to our seats

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Win!

Another weekend, another win for our #1 Bulldogs!  After a few weeks away from Starkville, we were ready to tailgate and ring our cowbells!  We set up our tailgate and I was one happy girl when I got to spend the day with Kathryn, Ashley and their families.  We missed Stephanie, but we had a wonderful time catching up!  Sissy came to Tupelo for the weekend so we got to enjoy the day without chasing the girls around.  Saturday was the first super cold night of the season and we knew Macie needed to stay at home.  Thankfully Sissy came to the rescue!  Carrie ended up having an extra ticket for me in the new Loge part of the stadium and I got to watch the game in style!  I didn't feel too bad for leaving Jeff to sit with his Dad and Uncle Tom!  Even though the game was a little too close for comfort, we had a great day! 
 Kathryn, Ashley and me
 Happy Birthday Kathryn!  She had some great help blowing out her candles!
 Carrie and Bobby got to join us too!
 Not too shabby I must say
 Drew came to visit us too!
After the win... Go Dawgs!

Feathers Feathers Everywhere!

This Halloween was super fun!  With a closet full of princess dresses, and the Frozen obsession still in full swing, I could have sworn Morgan would want to be Elsa and Anna.  But not my silly girl!  She chose a flamingo for her and a peacock for Macie.  She wanted to be fancy birds!  The girls loved their costumes and looked precious.  We continued our tradition of trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with the Schafer and Abraham kiddos.  It was very cold!  But the kids had a great time! 
 At Morgan's class party
 My fancy birds!
 Miss Flamingo
 Miss Peacock
 Aunt Carrie came to trick-or-treat too!
 On our way to meet our friends
 Abraham's, Leddy's and Schafer's
 We even found Mrs. Rose!
 The silly girls
 Morgan and Carsyn
 After the kids had their fill of the cold weather, we came home to pass out candy to the rest of the kids who came by.  Both girls loved it and sat by the door to wait on everyone!

5 Years Old

How is it possible that my sweet little baby girl is now five?  She is happy, and very proud, to tell you that she is now a whole hand!  We love this big girl so much.  She is the silliest thing and loves to play all the time.  Morgan is a great big sister too.  She loves Macie and is eager to help me with her (most of the time!).   And Macie loves her back so much.  Morgan loves to sing and dance and put on a show.  Such a girly girl who is into everything princess and dress up.  If you ask her what her favorite color is, she will tell you pink with rainbow sparkles!  The more glitter the better for her!  But she also loves to run and wrestle with her Daddy!  She is so smart and I love watching her mind work as she figures new things out.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for this one!

A Swimmingly Good Time

Back in the summer Morgan tells me that she wants a mermaid birthday party.  And so I wonder how I am going to make this happen for my October baby!  Fortunately we came across the new Aquatic Center here in Tupelo with an indoor pool... perfect!  We got it booked and started planning!  Everything went so well.  Morgan had a great time and the little girls loved getting to swim when it was cold outside!  Morgan has such sweet friends and fun was had by all.  She spent her day surrounded by love and tons of fun.  Just as it should be!
After the party we all hurried home to watch our Dawgs beat Kentucky!  Sad night for Grandma, but yay for us!  Jeff and Dad tag-teamed dinner and we had a ball! 
 Birthday girl ready to party!
 Mermaid decor
 Family pic
 Making another wish
 Sweet friends
Macie found a sucker who would share her cake! 
 Morgan and Emma Kate ready to swim
 After cake and snacks the girls hit the pool
 So fun!
 Morgan and Kendall
 Packe was a huge hit in the pool!
 He seriously played with each and every girl in that pool as much as they wanted.  He is the best toy money can buy!
 Morgan and Mary Tannler
 Morgan and RoRo being silly
 Packe and the birthday girl
 Macie got to swim with GaGa too!!
 RoRo, Macie, Packe and Morgan
 Macie and GG
 Maice loves Emma Kate
 Happy Macie with her GaGa!
 Opening gifts later that day... with Macie's help
 Riding her new big girl bike!
 Macie opened a belated birthday gift from her Bubba and got her Bitty Baby... just like Morgan's!
 On Sunday Morgan sang with her choir at church.  I'm so thankful they scheduled this performance while all her family was in town to watch!
On Monday, her actual birthday, Morgan requested pancakes from RoRo.  After dinner at our mexican restaurant Morgan was a happy birthday girl!

Worley Fun

For Morgan's birthday Emma Kate wanted to take Morgan to Build-A-Bear to make a Palace Pet.  The girls had big fun!  This was the first time for Morgan to go to Build-A-Bear (that she could remember) so she was all about it.  They picked out their pet and outfit complete with shoes and a crown.  Morgan loved her pet! 
 Making the pets
 Registering them
 Here they are!
Completed our fun with a spin on the carousel!