Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Full of Parties

This weekend Morgan and I were party girls!  Sissy even came to town to party with us!  Saturday, Morgan and I went to Claudia's 4th birthday and had a blast!  Each kid got to decorate their own cake and Morgan thought that was just the best thing ever.  She couldn't wait to take it home and show her Daddy and her GaGa.
Later that night I went to my second party at Kathy's house to celebrate two of my sweet HealthWorks! friends.  Kiersten and Mike both are leaving us for new jobs and while I'm very happy for them, I will miss them terribly!  So we sent them out in style and laughed so so much!
 Working very hard on her masterpiece
 And then she got smart and put the icing directly on her finger!
 All done!
 Stacey and the birthday girl
 Oh how I will miss these two!
 Me, Kiersten and Abby
 My fellow captains...always having fun!
Kiersten, Mary Katherine, Me and Abby

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