Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break Shenanigans

This year for Spring Break the girls and I took our annual trip to Mom and Dad's, only this year Stephanie and her kiddos met us there!  We had an absolute blast!  I think it took a total of five minutes before all four kids were running around as the best of friends.  Watching the kids of your best friends play is a joy I will never get tired from.  The weather was so cold!  I hated that we couldn't enjoy the sand more, but we found our fun anyway.  Honestly I could have spent all day inside with Stephanie catching up and would have been just fine!  But we got the kids out of the house a bit to get the wiggles out!

Later in the week Jeff joined us for the last of our trip.  He got some golf in and some yummy food so he was happy.  And my sweet Daddy gave me his ticket so I could go with Mom to see Luke Bryan!  I swear, Mom and I have the best time at concerts!  And Luke did not disappoint either.  We ended our trip with a perfect day on the beach.  Another great time at the beach!
 Who enjoyed the s'mores more?  Clayton, Macie, Morgan or Brennan?
 A little park time was in order
 Brennan, Morgan and Macie
 What fools wanted ice cream on this cold day?
 This was the best pose I could get in the chilly wind
 Such a cold day on the beach!  We didn't last long.
 Might be my new favorite
 Clayton and Brennan
 These two were fast friends
 We even found our Tupelo friends for dinner!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 Luke Bryan fun
Beach time!

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