Thursday, May 11, 2017

Twirling Across the Stage

This year's dance recital had an around the world theme and Morgan's class was America!  We just love this class and love our teacher Mrs. Tracy even more.  I'm serious there is nothing sweeter than a bunch of little ballerinas!  Their ballet was to "America" and they did an amazing job!  We were all so proud.  Their tap dance was to "God Bless America" and it was a little less together.  But still so precious!  Ha!  I think my favorite part is that Macie can now sing every word to "God Bless America" and truly can't wait until she gets to be a ballerina next year too!
 1st grade ballerinas
 From backstage
 Front and center she did great!
 Morgan was thrilled that her sweet teacher, Ms. Roberts, came to watch her!  Ms. Roberts had three girls on stage this day: Morgan, Delina and Anne Bailey.
 Ballerinas in waiting
 Morgan, Mary Clayton, Anne Bailey and Sara Reid
Delina, Morgan, Reece and Anne Bailey
 Ready to tap!
 Waiting backstage for their turn 
 They tried really hard!
 Morgan and her flowers
 What a pose!
 My goodness sometimes these sisters can be sweet!
And they are both still dancing

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